Stacy Korn
Stacy’s most memorable vacation was visiting Yellowstone in 2014.

Dear Comics & Gaming Community:

[October 8, 2018 Update]

Stacy lost her struggle with ALS last Friday, October 5. There’s a group of us pulling together to work on a the kind of memorial she wanted. She didn’t want a funeral. She’s being cremated and wanted more like an “Irish wake” with people laughing and sharing stories.

The two fundraisers below are still up and running. The first is to pool together money for Bill so any extraneous expenses won’t be a burden. The second is to donate to the ALS Association in Stacy’s Fund.

[An Update]:

Besides donating to the ALS Association in Stacy’s honor, there’s also an important Go Fund Me to help Bill out with expenses. Stacy has decided to stop fighting the ALS since there was nothing science could do for her but keep her alive with no quality of life. All of her loved ones are at the stage where we know it’s any day now that she’ll be at peace.

Since we trust Stacy’s decision to do what’s right for herself, our main concern at this point is her forever companion and business partner Bill. The GoFundMe was increased to make sure that Bill doesn’t have to worry about money. Volunteers have been keeping the tabletop/RPGs going at Comic Fusion. We’ll have some other volunteers on hand to help with a massive organization of things that have not been a priority like filing comics.

Through Wonder Woman Day & Superhero Weekend and weekly gaming, Stacy touched so many lives in comics. That’s not even including this whole other life she had traveling to national parks and reunions with theatre friends she has known for many decades. Anyway, if you’re part of the mid-Atlantic con circuit you’ve probably met Stacy while she was carrying a 50-lb backpack and 2-3 other bags filled with donations for the fundraisers. From Toy Fair, to Baltimore, to Geppi’s Museum, to NYCC — she was a staple in our geek circles until ALS took that away from her.

I recently joined The ALS Association’s Community of Hope by creating a personal tribute fund to honor Stacy Korn, co-owner of Comic Fusion and one of the founders of Wonder Woman Day/Superhero Weekend charity events. Stacy lives with the debilitating progress of ALS.

ALS, commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a devastating neurodegenerative disease that prohibits its victims from utilizing the voluntary muscles that control the ability to speak, swallow, move, and breathe. On average, a person living with ALS will succumb to the disease within five years of diagnosis. Today, little is known about the disease — the cause and cure remain a mystery. However, with your support, we can create a world without ALS!

Your generous contribution will:

  • Fund global, cutting-edge ALS research initiatives directed at the cure.
  • Support compassionate, high-quality care and resources for people and families affected by ALS.
  • Raise awareness for this horrific disease through national public policy initiatives.

Please visit my Community of Hope tribute fund webpage, The Stacy Korn Fund, where you can make a secure, online donation. Your gift to this worthy cause is tax-deductible.

If you can’t donate at this time, please share the information. If you want to mail a card or memento, Stacy’s favorite characters are Black Canary and Batwoman.

Comic Fusion
16 Turntable Junction
Flemington, NJ 08822

Thank you for your support.


Amber Love on behalf of Stacy & all the staff & volunteers at Comic Fusion

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