ISSUE #1 – Order at Northwest Press

  • Rise-1-cvrREVERSAL OF FORTUNE by Marc Guggenehim, Howard Chaykin, Jesus Aburtov & Ken Bruzenak
  • – TREEHOUSE OF SOLITUDE by Jeremy Thomas, Boy Akkerman, Ilona Oudenaarden & Erica Schultz
  • – TIPPING POINT by Adam P. Knave, Chris Haley & Joe Hunter
  • – ZOE’S ZOMBIES by Paul Castiglia & Chris Allen
  • – FREAKSHOW by Spencer Perry & Jed Dougherty
  • – ORIGIN STORY by Jody Houser & Jean Kang
  • – OUT OF STEP by Ben Bailey & Ryan Cody
  • – BARBIE AND THE BOY by Brad Bell & George Zapata
  • – MAN UP by Jon Carroll & Dawn Griffin
  • – EDISON REX by Chris Roberson, Dennis Culver, Stephen Downer, John J. Hill & Allison Baker

ISSUE #2 – Order at Northwest Press

  • Rise-2-cvrFLASHBACK by Marc Andreyko & Sina Grace
  • – SAFE HAVEN by Christian Beranek & Daniel San
  • – DISCOMBOBULATED by Brandon Barrows & Rafer Roberts
  • – CREATURE CLUB by Josh Southall, Tio Lavranos & Mark Mullaney
  • – AURA by Vasilis Pozios, Marguerite Sauvage & Rachel Deering
  • – BROTHERS IN ARMS by Erica Schultz & Scott Larson
  • – CRYSTAL BALL by Kris White & John Gomes
  • – LEFT BEHIND by Elizabeth Amber Love & Carolyn Belefski
  • – GODS OF THE BATTLEFIELD by Adam Pruett & David Seltzer

Stand For The Silent has been instrumental in selecting the stories for the issues. These books were originally planned to be standard 32-page issues but ended up being 48, and that change has allowed us to pack a lot more into each one than originally planned. Northwest Press is considering the series ongoing or at least open-ended for the potential printing of even more stories.

“We’ll also soon have our school/youth organization resource site up and running, with information on how schools can get free copies for use in their antibullying programs.” ~Zan Christensen

If you backed the project through Kickstarter, you should have received the links to order through email or Kickstarter mail. That will have your code showing you were a backer.

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