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Amber’s Nominations for The Ringo! Awards

Instead of doing a nearly full slate of Bitter Root, I tried to diversify my nominations with other books that might not be getting as much attention. I’m thrilled that Bitter Root has gotten picked up by director Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) because I think the creators’ styles will fit together perfectly.

Bitter Root cover

Best Cartoonist (“Cartoonist” is a creator acting as both Writer and Artist on a single work)

Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene – Bitter Root (Image) **It’s hard for me to figure out how to nominate Bitter Root creators because all the issues list David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene as “creators” without breaking down who did the art. I think Walker is a writer, so I left him off this since I’m not sure if he draws any of the books.

Best Writer

Erica Schultz – Forgotten Home (Comixology Originals), Strange Tails (Vices Press)

Best Artist or Penciller

Simone Guglielmini – Breakneck (Titan Comics/Hard Case Crime)

Breakneck issue 3 cover

Best Inker

Alex Cormack – Road of Bones (IDW) **This was another case where I wasn’t sure exactly what to do since I think every book I selected for nominations had the penciller and inker as the same person. I loved the way Alex Cormack worked the shades in this series and that’s what set it apart.

Best Letterer

Saida Temofonte – Livewire (Valiant Comics) **Lettering is critical to the way a comic reads and is accessible. It might be one of the toughest categories since the big names like Nate Piekos, Chris Eliopoulos, Comicraft, and Clayton Cowles.

Best Colorist

Rico Renzi & Sanford Greene – Bitter Root (Image) **This category was darn near impossible because I could have a three- or four-way tie. I love Marissa Louise’s work in everything she does; Wellington from IDW started in December 2019 and Brad Simpson’s colors are great; Breakneck’s team Lovern Kindzierski and Chris Chuckry used an interesting palette with less saturation; and of course Jordie Bellaire and Tamra Bonvillain. The list goes on.

Best Cover Artist

Natasha Alterici – Forgotten Home (Comixology Originals), The Wilds (Black Mask Studios) **Also, The Wilds is one of the books I mentioned regarding pandemic plots.

the wilds comic cover

Best Continuing or Limited Series

Bitter Root (Image Comics)

Best Single Issue or Story

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #3 (Valiant) **When it comes to the long legacy of Bloodshot and the 2020 movie, I felt that this one issue was a good read for getting the backstory of the character and having some knowledge of what he’s about.

Best Original Graphic Novel

Breakneck (Titan Comics/Hard Case Crime)

Best Anthology

Strange Tales (Vices Press)

Best Humor Comic

Going to the Chapel (Action Lab Comics)

Going to the Chapel cover of issue 4

Best Comic Strip or Panel

Enemy of the People by Rob Rogers (IDW printed collection)

Best Webcomic

Nothing Special by Katie Cook

Best Non-fiction Comic Work

**I didn’t have anything to nominate for this though I suspect They Called Us Enemy will take the award.

Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel

Lumberjanes (Boom!)

Best Presentation in Design

Bitter Root (Image Comics)

Favorite Hero 

Ma Etta (Bitter Root – Image Comics)

Ma Etta Bitter Roots

Favorite Villain 

Queen Rani (Forgotten Home – Comixology Originals)

Favorite New Series

I Can Sell You a Body (IDW) **This series came out at the end of 2019 so most of it is 2020; hope it gets some recognition either this year or next.

I can sell you a body cover

Favorite New Talent 

Vita Ayala (The Wilds, Livewire)

Favorite Publisher

IDW **Clearly my reading is all over the board, so I could have picked any of the indies/creator-owned publishers; but IDW has a consistent catalog with classics and new material.

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