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Steve Bryant had the idea for paranormal hunting scouts many years ago. Eventually, he reworked the story with the help from the right people, formed a team, and now has GHOUL SCOUTS coming out from Action Lab Entertainment. With art by Mark Stegbauer and colors by Jason Millet, the four-issue series is ready to go and ready for your pre-orders.

ghoul scouts variant cover

Steve Bryant (W/L)
Mark Stegbauer (A)
Jason Millet (C)
Drew Browne (CA)
Chris Murrin (Ed)

We also want to be sure to state that it’s rating “E” for Everyone using the new Action Lab ratings system. There are no pools of blood or girls in their underwear.


In issue #1, we meet the cast and get the first look at a zombie attack which brings the girls and boys to decide whether to part ways or team up. With the scoutmaster missing in action, Chase is who the boys look to as a leader. The girls seem equally matched.

ghoul scouts panel

The boys are allowed to show that they’re scared, something we probably haven’t seen since movies like The Goonies or Stand By Me, although Scooby Doo and Shaggy were always scared and hungry.

Becky, Trey, and Claudia are the grounded ones trying to use reason and research to find solutions. It’s good to see more than one person designated the library or science nerd.

The characters experience a possibly devastating event and it brings them all together, one by one, into a quiet conversation about all their innermost feelings and secrets. It’s a warm scene where no one cares about gender or ethnicity or class status.


We have a fun discussion about how Steve chose the weapons: Potato gun, slingshot, baseball bat, a frying pan, and a branch.

Ghoul Scouts interior page


Throughout all of entertainment history, fiction and non-fiction have given horror fans some towns and locations that are iconic. The Stanley Hotel in Colorado was where Stephen King allegedly saw some ghosts and used the hotel as inspiration for The Shining. There are entire cities like Sleepy Hollow, New York or Salem, Massachusetts or even New Orleans, Louisiana.

Steve talks about why he created the most paranormal city in America, Full Moon Hollow and the mad scientist’s creepy mansion.


There are definitely familiar names in the artist pool of the variant covers. Brent Schoonover, Mike Norton, Phil Hester, Sean Izaakse, and Jamal Igle to name a few.


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