DEC, 2010 – From figure modeling to adult modeling to writing my first comic scripts, this year has been unusual. I was elated to participate in some new podcasts this year mainly to promote the annual fundraiser for domestic violence survivors. And above all, this year about the people. I’d certainly feel bad about not being able to list every single person that has become something special to me.

Feb, 2010 – my Amazon Deviant (Wonder Woman parody) set was published at Cosplay Deviants. My favorite costume striptease pics that I feature here were the work of brilliant photographer John Hudson.

March, 2010 – My best interview was done at the Steel City con with the incredibly sexy John Schneider!

April, 2010 – The Comic Geek Speak Supershow – easily my favorite show of the year. It’s like a giant family reunion but with people you choose to be with as opposed to ya know, family. I shot a few videos of our karaoke and some spot interviews with exceptional people in the comics scene.

June, 2010 – I was able to complete The Nerdy Bird’s Ravager costume which she wore in San Diego. Jill is my favorite person to dress. Take that however you like. She comes up with the character and we work out designs. It’s an entire collaboration.

Aug, 2010
– Began the PR campaign for Wonder Woman Day V since Stacy and I had been collecting artwork all year long for the auction.
– Signed up for the Comics Experience workshop and Intro to Comic Book Writing (seriously the only good decision I made all year); so many thanks to Rob Anderson, Joe Sergi, and of course Andy Schmidt.
– Aug 28-29 was the Baltimore Con where I had an extremely difficult time. It was my first convention without a significant other; I got to officially work for Jay Fife for the first time (he’s one of my best friends but I hadn’t worked his booth before); and it ended with me meeting two of the best people in the world, Paul Storrie and Thom Zahler.

Sept, 2010
– Wrote my first comic script! Each month we have a challenge and it’s optional whether or not you want to tackle it. My first month it was “My Summer Vacation” as a theme. Ah! I haven’t had a “proper” vacation since my honeymoon 7 years ago. I managed to write about the part of my trip to Baltimore (for Comic Con) when I spent a day at the aquarium. I’m eventually going to make a section of AmberUnmasked to post my scripts but reading scripts intended for the visual medium of comics is not something more than a few people will find interesting. I now can say I’m part of creative teams!
– Began modeling for Joe Kubert’s School for Cartoon and Graphic Arts.

Oct, 2010

– This month was 90% dedicated to our domestic violence fundraiser, Wonder Woman Day & Superhero Weekend! Broke our record big time and raised $16,000 for SAFE in Hunterdon. Got to invite superb artist Josh Lyman to my B&B so he could sketch alongside Ken Haeser, Nick Mockoviak and Jamal Igle at Comic Fusion.
– As part of the Superhero fundraising campaign I did a series of articles and interviews for this site. I’m really proud of the content I acquired through those interviews. The artists are already being generous by creating pieces of art that can days to make and then they took even more time by answering my questions and promoting on their own blogs about it.
– Also regarding the PR campaign for WWD, I was interviewed on Comic Book Club, one of the few video podcasts I watch; CBC is now hosted by the media giant Newsarama so this interview was a real thrill for me.
– Got to reconnect with Thom Zahler at New York Comic Con when I worked at his booth dressed as Amazonia! One of the best times ever. Kirby Krackle concerts, Thom, Jill the Nerdy Bird, my podcasting friends and a couple new sketches in my book by J.K. Woodward and Shawn Harbin.
– Busy busy busy Halloween weekend. Modeled for Jay Fife which resulted in a piece of steampunk art so epic I can’t think of a cool enough word to describe it. I also got to appear with Jay at the Allentown Comic Con where I helped out with some contests and had a dinner of pancakes with some of my favorite people.

Nov, 2010

– Attended my first adult convention and did so by myself; yes, I did ask several people but not one of them was available. Recapped it on YouTube and at AmberUnmasked.
– Finally got to back to sewing after so many months of stress. I created my Dark & Strange Alice in Wonderland dress which I love wearing. I keep looking for reasons to wear it.
– Attended the Anachronism steampunk event in New York City. Drove myself in. Tried absynthe for the first time and other than it being tasty, did not have anything interesting to say about drinking it.

Dec, 2010

– Attended the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival where I had an incredible time with Jim Rugg, Evan Dorkin, Jasen Lex and got to hang out with J.K. Woodward afterwards. Oh, and I totally met Matt Groening.
– At this point, I have three short stories being developed by talented comic book artists for anthology projects.
– Was privileged by being invited to the best party I’ve ever experienced – the Jill & Janna Birthday Bash in NYC. I met so many fantastic people in person that I only knew through twitter. Also had the chance to reconnect with other people that I only get to see a couple times a year. There’s no question that it was one of the best nights of my life.
– After losing another job, I took one week to travel around visiting fantastic friends who also happen to be kick ass artists. I’ve written my thanks before but I feel like I owe them so much for their companionship. So thanks again Brian Maze, Jay Fife, Dave Wachter and Josh Lyman. And for driving out on a frigid night in Pittsburgh, more thanks to Wayne Wise and Ryan Connor who have dealt with me crying and laughing.

Coming in 2011, I’ll be published as a comics writer; I’ll be doing more modeling for art schools; and I’m sure we’ll have another successful round of fundraisers for the MDA, domestic violence survivors, and other groups.

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