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Last night it felt like more than half of the living beings on the planet fell into despair. Our oceans are fucked with the announcement of more deregulation this week. The Supreme Court ruled against unions which although they have a corrupt history, are also the reason a minimum wage and “9” hour work day even exists (because gods forbid you get paid for a 15 minute break). Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk get awards for spending their money foolishly. Meanwhile employees at Amazon are dropping from exhaustion, urinating into bottles or cans because they can’t take a bathroom break, and still they are trying to push automation by robots, drones, and AI.

Despair of the endless

Then came the SCOTUS announcement of Justice Kennedy retiring. People said it was going to happen back in 2016. They said what was at stake then. When I was a young voter, I didn’t understand the impact. Not at all. I thought, oh well, we don’t “vote” for the justices so it’s a matter of luck how the court leans. Years later, I learned the impact and why it’s terrifying to think that Trump and McConnell will have their pick of two vacancies being filled after Scalia died.

Here I am. In despair.

I can put on a show of my best new age yoga self and talk about hope, life, and survival. I could point out how people around the world do their best to rise up. Russia had Pride parades and that’s a place where anyone on the queer spectrum is put to death. I could say listen to Maxine Waters and the people who were oppressed long before middle class white America felt a fraction of the unrest, insecurity, and non-personhood.


I could show my bright side and promise you that every day is a new chance to fix things; but I won’t. I’m depressed. That’s reality. If you weren’t paying attention to the voices of the people who spoke about realities like Winona LaDuke, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Atwood, Kameron Hurley, Faith Spotted Eagle, or Michelle Obama — please wake the fuck up and look around you. I know I’m happier when my head is in the sand too. It’s noticeable. Ignorance is not your friend when we are approaching important elections and during movements like #MeToo or #OccupyICE.

“Our futures are not a commodity and neither are those of the ones who will follow us. We want to be more involved in the conversations about our future, in making change that will allow us a future.” Jasilyn Mary Charger, co-founder of International Indigenous Youth Council at age 21

You do need to take care of yourself or you’ll be useless to anyone else and if you have people that rely on you whether that’s coworkers or family, it’s best to be strong enough to get through shit.


Wear Your Voice – This shopping site has various campaigns that fund doing good out there in the community which is pretty cool.

Bree Mae started this shop for intersectional and diverse disability awareness; there are separate listing for LGBTQIA accessibility merch too. #AccessibilityMatters Bonfire runs based on time limited campaigns so check often and Follow Bree on Twitter.

Rep. Maxine Waters is a co-founder for the LA non-profit Community Build which has a sustainable multi-generational “vision and quality of life plan”.

Pet Adoption League wish list isn’t linked through Amazon or anywhere in particular, but you can see their list of what’s needed and ship to them.

Semper K9 trains dogs for veterans in need of service/assistance dogs.

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