featurebanner_princeless_interviewAMBER LOVE 10-JAN-2013 Jeremy Whitley is the writer of the critically acclaimed comic book series PRINCELESS. Last year introduced a second series for him called THE ORDER OF DAGONET, another fantasy genre comedy. He fills us in on character development of his titles and all the exciting news from publisher Action Lab Entertainment.

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PRINCELESS_PREVIEW_CoverMy favorite part of PRINCELESS was in the third issue when Princeless Adrienne meet ups with the young blacksmith Bedelia. Jeremy and I thoroughly discuss the traditional ideas of a female character’s body armor in comics/movies and how he needed to bring a practical approach to his heroine. He has a female blacksmith in the role of fashion armor designer and it’s another teenage girl, Adrienne, who questions the absurdity of conical gilded breasts, bare midriffs, and chain mail bikinis.

THE ORDER OF DAGONET is an order of knights in modern England who are all entertainment knights like what you see in Sir Elton John, Sir Patrick Steward, or Sir Ian McKellan. Mythical creatures return to the world and Merlin has to stop them by resurrecting the knights of England. His spell doesn’t bring warrior knights however. He ends up with a has-been rocker, a author of a popular wizarding book series and a Shakespearean actor who became a sci-fi television star. The second issue came out this week. The book will finish up volume one in a couple months and then collected into trade paperback.

The NFL RUSH ZONE comic is endorsed and licensed officially by the NFL. The Action Lab team is looking to set up signings of the creators and some actual pro players to accompany them for 2013.

MOLLY DANGER is the new independent creation of Jamal Igle. I had Jamal on Vodka O’Clock a few months ago on episode 1222.

vampletsThe VAMPLETS comic is one of the things I’m most looking forward for 2013. I was introduced to Vamplets toys a few years ago at Toy Fair in New York. They have an interactive website which is designed well. The company is always holding contests for giveaways. They’ve impressed me with quality and building relationships to their customer base.

Action Labs will have two books participating in Free Comic Book Day which is the first Saturday in may. One will be a NFL comic for the RUSH ZONE series. The other half MOLLY DANGER and half PRINCELESS.



* Women in Reasonable armor

* Mart Whim drawing appropriate breast plate armor on women

* Action Lab on Twitter

* Jeremy Whitley on Twitter

* Action Lab website


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