AMBER LOVE 13-OCT-2015 I first read the news on Twitter headlines which lead me to an article in the New York Times which said that PLAYBOY MAGAZINE would no longer have nudes. This begins March 2016. Not even centerfold Playmates will be fully exposed.

Are you asking “why?” – you’re not alone and Playboy answered it on their site:

Last year we re-launched as a safe-for-work site and discovered something about our readers and our identity: The Bunny transcends nudity. Tens of millions of readers come to our non-nude website and app every month for, yes, photos of beautiful women, but also for articles and videos from our humor, sex and culture, style, nightlife, entertainment and video game sections. We are, and always have been, “entertainment for men” – with award-winning journalism and fiction to boot.Playboy is a cultural arbiter of beauty, taste, opinion, humor and style.

Personally, in the last year, I’ve noticed that Playboy has been pushing “geek culture” at greater volume than “sex positive culture” and quite frankly, I was annoyed. We have geek outlets. LOADS OF THEM. From the failed Wizard Magazine (which once upon a time was great) to every fucking nerdy blog news site (CBR, CA, Newsarama, ComicVine, The Mary Sue, even the cesspool of trolls at Bleeding Cool). Not to mention the thousands of nerds who blog individually, like moi. I personally didn’t need Playboy to add yet another voice to the nerd noise. This change in content has turned the revered Playboy into Wizard with Sexy Models.

If you want sex mixed in with your nerdy news, that also exists already. Subscription sites like Suicide Girls, Cosplay Deviants (women & men), Gods Girls, and plenty of others exist. They have easy ways to connecting with the models directly on social media, webcams, and forums – not something you really got with popular porn stars whose profiles were complete fiction written by someone else anyway. Sometimes you get lucky and you might get a reply from a star like Lexi Belle or Stoya, but they’re less Playboy and more Digital Underground. Lexi Belle, for example, is a huge Harley Quinn fan. In other words, we have our pornerdery already.

What’s interesting with Playboy removing the nudes and adding geek culture is that now that gives us indie/amateur nerds back the platform we started.

2015-08-10 wm amber wonder woman shirt


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  1. Screw it playboy still sells no matter if nude or not lots of stories to be told (short stories I mean).

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