Crowdfunding Effort Includes “Reward Tier” to Benefit Local Libraries

Toronto, Ontario – January 30, 2017. On Monday January 30th, Aristocrats Comics, a new Black-owned-and-operated comic book publisher, will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first ever all-ages graphic novel, “Heroes of Homeroom C.” HoHC tells the story of Nicola and Albert Hathaway, twin 12-year-old African-American superheroes who lose their powers and get sent back to public school to try and have a “normal life.” But of course, the twins still manage to find more than their share of action and excitement trying to keep their new home of Tranquil, MA from being destroyed by sinister forces.

Series creator/writer Anthony Ruttgaizer and artist Carlos Granda bring the action to life with help from colorist Fred C. Stresing and cover artist Jay Fosgitt.

Fans who pledge their support to the crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter will have the chance to choose from a variety of “reward packages” including copies of the complete graphic novel, t-shirts, one-of-a-kind sketches and chances to appear as a character in the book themselves.

Aristocrats is also offering special reward levels for both libraries and traditional comic book retailers. The “Library Donation” reward allows backers to receive ONE copy of the graphic novel for themselves and have TWO additional copies donated to local libraries in their name. The “Retailer 10-Pack” will allow comic shops, the cornerstone of the industry, to purchase copies of the graphic novel at a wholesale rate.

The campaign runs, starting Monday and throughout the month of February, until March 2nd with a funding goal of $15,000 Canadian (approx $11,000 American). As with all Kickstarter campaigns, Aristocrats will only receive the money if the campaign raise its full funding goal or more.

To learn more or to make a pledge, visit the campaign website at


Anthony Ruttgaizer


Anthony Ruttgaizer is a Toronto, Canada-based comics writer and broadcaster whose comic work includes “The F1rst Hero” and “Actionverse”.  He is also a former standup comedian and a retired professional wrestler.  Anthony is the founder and publisher of Aristocrats Comics, a new independent comics company dedicated to promoting diversity in both its characters and creators.  For more about Anthony, visit

Carlos Granda is a Colombian artist whose work includes “Geek-Girl”, “The Jungle Book”, “Pirouette” and “Escape From Monster Island”.  Besides handling his own workload, Carlos is co-director of The National Comic and Manga Hall, a group dedicated to nurturing and exhibiting the artwork of local artists in Medellin.  For more about Carlos, visit

Fred C. Stresing is an American artist and graduate of the Savannah College of Artist and Design.  Recently married, Fred now lives full time in the state of Georgia.  His work as a colourist, letterer and cartoonist has appeared in  books such as “The F1rst Hero”, “Munchkin”, “Hello Kitty and Friends”, “Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return” and “Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock”.  For more about Fred, visit

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