New Titles and a New Imprint!

From SDCC Press Release

Action Lab: Discover is our newest imprint! These titles are designed specifically for younger children. Some of the upcoming releases under this line include Eisner award winning writer Art Baltazar’s POWERS IN ACTION and Fred Chao’s ALISON AND HER ROCK AWESOME ROBOT.

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Collecting Fred Chao’s full-color daily and Sunday strips. Part of the Action Lab: Discover line!

Alison has built Robot to simply help her have fun, but it’s not so simple. It turns out she has to teach Robot about life, mainly from the point of a 7-year-old girl. Join the cast of Alison, Robot, five penguins and a monkey friend Andrew, an 80’s music loving father, a serious mom that just wants a break, a cartoon Alton Brown and a cartoon Fred Chao.

Filled with fun comics humor, first crushes, snowball fights, and reflections on life, this ALISON AND HER ROCK AWESOME ROBOT collection is a year’s worth of full-color daily and Sunday strips.


Famous cartoonist Art Baltazar’s new superhero series, POWERS IN ACTION! Also part of the Action Lab: Discover line!


A bold new adventure awaits! Our heroes, LYNX and his sister, OCELOT, join the super team known as The HERO SQUADRON…and they are late for their first meeting. Maybe these delays are because of SUPER VILLAINS! Oh no! Looks like our heroes may have work to do before they even join the team. Will these cat-heroes fit in with the members of the HERO SQUADRON? Join us for this new SUPER HERO DIMENSION of the AW YEAH UNIVERSE told by famous cartoonist ART BALTAZAR!

This comic is 25 years in the making and will be awesome!

Kevin Grevioux joins the Action Lab family!

Kevin Grevioux, the writer/creator of the Underworld movies and I, Frankenstein, will be joining the Action Lab family! He will be writing three new series with us.

NJUMA: An epic African sword and sorcery tale! After being left for dead as a child, a young African prince raised by lions returns to the land of his birth as a fierce and seasoned warrior to reclaim the throne of his fathers.

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BOX TOP: A “fist out of water” tale. After sending away a special coupon he got from a cereal box in order to get a prize, a young lad accidentally receives a top secret government weapon instead: a pair of cybernetic super-gloves, which he can’t remove once he puts them on.

Box Top promo image

SUNDOWN CITY: A cool, stylized action-horror. After a small town in the Old West is overrun by vampires, a mysterious stranger, who may or may not be the biblical angel of death, arrives to deal with them once and for all.

Another New Title Announced


A roguish, time-traveling Einstein!

He’s got the mind, the might, and the mustache! A roguish ALBERT EINSTEIN leads a team of geniuses called THE TIME MASONS in a battle to protect the integrity of our timeline. But when a new threat puts the past, present, and future in peril, it’s up to him and a squad of epic historical figures to save the universe before the clock runs out. Get ready for an Einstein you never imagined in the greatest time-travel adventure series history has never seen.

Writer(s): Marcus Perry
Artist(s): Tony Donley
Cover Artist(s) Dave Johnson (Cover A), Tony Donley (Cover B)
32 pgs./ T / FC


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