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Full Body Manslaughter cover


AMBER LOVE 19-OCT-2016 FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER, the sequel to CARDIAC ARREST is almost here! Once again, the cover art was created by the talented artist, Thomas Boatwright to lend the right amount of tension and eeriness.



FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER picks up where CARDIAC ARREST left off. Massage therapist Farrah Wethers is trying to put her life back together. Her brand new career is in the toilet after one of her clients died and she was a suspect. Her marriage is rocky and day by day, she can’t figure out whether to fight for it or move on. Her relationship with her daughter is distant and Farrah feels the empty nest.

In FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER, Farrah thinks a business trip away from her problems will help bring some clarity. The plans are immediately disrupted when all her coworkers bail. Farrah recruits her best friend, June Cho, to tag along as her administrative assistant. They’re greeted with hostile animal rights protesters and plenty of bitter employees of Caress Lamour, an international cosmetics corporation. The CEO is murdered and the suspect list is long.

Farrah’s home town, Riverside, New Jersey, and certain other geographic locations where she and June spend a lot of time, are fictitious; although some real world places are mentioned to give it a grounded feel.


You will be able to order FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER almost anywhere in paperback with the ISBN (9780998061504). The only places that won’t be able to get it are libraries and academic institutions, but by all means, you can donate a copy to them. FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER will be enrolled in the Kindle Lending program — if you buy it on Kindle, you can loan your file to someone else’s Kindle; and the Kindle Match Program — if you buy the paperback through Amazon, you’ll have the option of getting the ebook for only $.99 extra. But seriously, if you catch me on the right day and drop me an email that you bought the paperback and gave it away or lost it or a giant lizard came out of the sewer and nabbed it and you’d like the digital version, I’ll give it to you. I’d rather email you the file than have it pirated.



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I’ll gladly send book bloggers digital review copies. Please email me at amberlovescomics at gmail dot com to request it. As always, reviews/star ratings help potential readers see that a book has value. It’s not about being on a best seller list (that would be sweet) but more about people seeing that a story is worth their time and dollars. Plus, that also helps weave through online systems to be recommended by the robots, “readers who bought that, also bought this.”



First of all, I love puns. I love mystery titles that use lots of puns. I have a list of possible health and medical pun titles, but all credit for naming FULL BODY MANSLAUGHTER goes to my artist friend, Anthony D. Lee. It was better than my alternatives.

Like CARDIAC ARREST, this started as a NaNoWriMo project. I didn’t have the same amount of help on it as I did for the first book, but at least I was able to publish it in less time. I think I did pretty well with book two’s blogging and updates. The digital files of book one may actually be prettier. This time around, I didn’t use separate software to create all the electronic files for .mobi, HTML, and PDF. Instead I used what CreateSpace offered which is to download their Word template and format that and save as PDF. Then through their process, selected the steps to make it available on Kindle. As much as I enjoyed the process of working in the HTML code to try and get the manuscript formatted and appealing, it didn’t seem like it was necessary if there already is a built-in conversion tool. [EDIT: to update this step, yes, I had to go back and use Notepad++ and Calibre just like I did for Cardiac because the converted file created by CreateSpace looked wonky. There are still some things that aren’t displaying perfectly in the various preview testing tools, such as the word “acknowledgements” not fitting on one line, but I have to live with it.]


I’ve had some serious low points in my health during the months of getting FBM from draft to published. Patreon backers get those updates as they happen (not so sure it’s what financial backers want to read though). Part of that is a test to see if posting through a filter to a select group makes my online persona anymore palatable to agents. I don’t think it does, but it was worth testing out. I didn’t query FBM because it’s part of a series. Advice from agents and writers is that unless the book sales for a previous book were remarkably outstanding, they have zero interest in sequels. Fair enough. I’ll keep self-publishing the Farrah Wethers Mysteries then.

During this time, my beloved cat Caico died; I had an awful time trying to adopt a new cat, Gus, who basically ignores me most of the time; my relationship took a dive and has been rebuilding in a healthy way; I’m still under/unemployed; I was in physical therapy for my herniated discs and they’re not any better; and the only really fun time I had out of the house for work was covering Steampunk World’s Fair. It’s been a tough road to get here and get this book out into the wild.

Enough of that sad talk. MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, book three of the Farrah Wethers Mysteries is going to be edited and ready in 2017. Before that though, I’m working on a new non-fiction book about contemporary witchcraft and paganism that I’d like to get out first. Plus, I’m still considering doing NaNoWriMo this year.


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