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Jim Demonakos has had a life dedicated to bringing his love of comic books to the community around him. I met him because of Kirby Krackle, the nerd rock band. Now, with his friend Kevin Hanna, that comic book love is going to be spread as far as the internet can reach with their film on Hellboy/BPRD creator Mike Mignola. They had been financing the documentary out of their own pockets and have now gone to Kickstarter where the campaign has quadrupled the goal.

Jim and I discussed his history and how he and Kevin ended up invested in this project. I asked Jim what it is that makes him successful and he wasn’t shy to say there are failures in his CV too which are valuable lessons. Jim has the foresight to find qualified people to help him with any of his ideas.

Gabriel Bá poster colored by Dave Stewart for Kickstarter


It’s important to Jim and Kevin that this documentary is about who Mike Mignola is a comic book creator and person, not only someone who has had the good fortune of being associated with successful movie adaptations. As for the cast of interviewees, Jim and Kevin sought out other comic creators who have played in the Hellboy universe and those who have said they were inspired by it.

Managing a Kickstarter is no easy task. Jim and Kevin set the goal for $58,000 as a bare minimum to allow them to finish what they started. As of the recording, the Kickstarter total was over $262,000.

“All I remember is every time I met him [Mignola], he was always so nice to me and that sticks with you like when you meet someone and they’re just good people.”



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