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This episode includes discussions on mental health and illnesses such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide.

Trigger Warning


Back on the show is my dear kindred spirit HOWIE NOEL. After talking about the horror genre and catching up on our pets’ antics, we dove into the creating process.  Some of the ground we covered in this episode you may have heard from the last time Howie was on the show. I figure there’s always a new listener or a someone who doesn’t know about Howie’s work or FLOAT in particular.

Float update

He started and successfully funded the graphic novel FLOAT on Kickstarter. FLOAT is combined with a soundtrack by Victor Guest and the CDs have been burned and signed to send out to Kickstarter backers.

Howie Noel Float comic David

The Kickstarter was running during May for Mental Health Awareness Month. Howie is going to be doing a signing of FLOAT on October 10, World Mental Health Day. The ugly subjects like mental illness or domestic violence need the awareness days/months because it’s an opportunity for people to speak openly when there’s a visible support system. Unfortunately you’ll also see the people who claim there aren’t problems.


We talk about the nuances of horror in works like Stephen King’s “IT” or our own work. To break down the simplicity of real life like bullying and build it into horrifying and supernatural stories is a genius some creators can’t grasp.

Remember the rash of clown sightings a couple years ago? That’s where I got the inspiration for Misty Murder but changed it to scarecrows.

“I think if you dressed as a clown like in Brooklyn and stuff, we’re not gonna stand for that.” – Howie Noel

Though it’s controversial, we also get into the debate about whether celebrities or artists should be separated from their work in terms of judgment or likability.

“You don’t have to like things. I don’t have to like the things you like.” – Howie Noel

“As far as taking a big stand like, ‘I’m not going to see this movie,’ well you don’t have to.” – Howie Noel

Howie’s Tarot Reading:


Howie hadn’t had a reading done since college and was a great sport about doing one on the show. I pulled three cards and we focused on business.

For October, 2017:

If Patreon backers have cumulatively contributed $40 or more over the course of their support, I’ll do a free tarot for you via email. Subject to my schedule, it may take a few days to get the results. (for entertainment purposes only per state law)

Taranormal will have new content in October. Stay tuned to Howie’s feeds for announcements.


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New York Comic Con booth H7

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