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Howie Noel spent his birthday on Vodka O’Clock talking about his wonderful projects. He started and a comic titled “Float” which combined with a soundtrack by Victor Guest make a multi-media project about anxiety and mental health issues.

We discussed the design and story arcs for the characters: David, Anxiety, and The Worm. Fears and phobias work their way into the stories aside from everyday life obstacles.

“So when I’ve lost everybody and I’ve pushed everybody away, who’s gonna be there for me? Anxiety’ll be there.”

Howie Noel Float comic David


Howie and his wife Shelly manage the website and project together. They encourage people to sen din their own stories about anxiety to be included in the “Breakthrough Moments” section.

“And if I’m going through all this and I don’t use it for inspiration, I’m not going to do anything. I really wanted to transform the negativity into something people could enjoy at least on a story level.”

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Howie says that therapy has been the most helpful to coping with his anxiety. He also loves The Mighty for inspiration. As you would guess by his inclusion of music in Float, music like Pink Floyd has been an asset to his toolkit managing his illness.

“I do still believe in hope and that’s what I want to convey.”

Details about the May Kickstarter to fund printed editions and the soundtrack for Float were given. There are some pretty unique rewards being offered. We also shared stories of panic attacks in public places whether on a plane or in the movie theater.

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