featurebanner_lelagwennAMBER LOVE 19-MAR-2013 Today’s fabulous episode is filled with all sorts beautiful geekery as LELA GWENN joins the podcast to cover comics, modeling, nerd bondage, and being a writer. One thing to be pointed out that we didn’t specifically catch while the recording was going, is that Lela’s bondage modeling never on the theme of “damsel in distress.” She prefers her expressions never to look scared and instead opts for either bored or defiant towards her Dom.

*** I personally don’t think we have any rape/assault TRIGGERS in this discussion but if you are quick to trigger, please be on notice that the subject is briefly covered. This begins around the 12:00 minute mark and continues until about 15:00 minutes then again at 21:00 minute mark to 23:00. For more information I recommend listening to PolyWeekly’s Consent is Sexy episode. ***

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lela gwennLela looks back upon her introductions to horror and erotica at a young age and she has wondered if it was a bit premature. Nonetheless, she has no regrets about her exposure or what she has come to practice.

We discussed the meditation aspects that give her enjoyment with bondage including the art of shibari. She identifies as a Switch in the kink lifestyle.

“I’m nerdy, I’m smutty, I’m all of those things.” ~LG

The Nerd Bondage project only has a couple days left. There’s still time to make it happen! This is Lela’s second attempt at the indiegogo campaign. She has specific ideas about what cosplay is appropriate for her. She doesn’t want to approach characters of color but is willing to gender-swap.


Full Frontal Fantasy

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