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Adam Christopher has an incredible literary resume including science fiction, cyber noir, and crime fiction. His stardom launched with EMPIRE STATE. Besides his original sci-fi work, now you can read his novelizations of the CBS TV series, ELEMENTARY, the American-based Sherlock Holmes for the British detective.


Adam writes his first draft in Scrivener then updates the manuscripts through Word because it’s the best way to interface with editors and their mark ups/changes. Within Scrivener there is a corkboard view which makes it easy to rearrange them, however, Adam has a real tangible corkboard to view his work a different way. He’s a die hard list maker too.

His work ethic is phenomenal and strict. He writes Monday through Friday, 9-5 with a goal of 5,000 words a day. In doing so, he’s able to take necessary weekend and holiday breaks while still meeting his deadlines. He admits to being a morning person whose mind is always thinking of his stories whether or not he’s sitting at the computer or jotting notes down – the wheels are always turning.

He sold EMPIRE STATE and SEVEN WONDERS together and they were not released in the order he wrote him. Then another two books were bought together including THE AGE ATOMIC, the sequel to EMPIRE STATE and it was the first time he had a contract in place before drafting.


Adam shared the details about how much he loves this show and followed that dream to pitch for the novelizations. Whether or not you follow ELEMENTARY, you would love to hear this interview about playing in any intellectual property and following a specific crime procedural. It’s fascinating to understand the characters so explicitly and nail the beats of the plots just like the TV viewers would expect. Adam said his knack for working in the body language and nuances of the characters were what got him the job.

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We discussed the universe bible provided by CBS and the limitations on which characters could be used. I wondered about where the novels could land in the seasons’ timelines since obviously certain characters have come and gone on the show; Adam talked about this aspect of the adaptations too.

He also has to work within the limitations of a real city, New York. He’s set other novels there so his love for NYC is evident. The first ELEMENTARY book, The Ghost Line, has specific details about the subway and sewer systems that only historians would know.

We get to hear a little bit about the murder that Sherlock has to solve in book two.


We talked about The Shield series that Adam co-writes with Chuck Wendig, artists Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Al Barrionuevo, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick and letterer Rachel Deering. It’s a character that was around before Captain America but never had that success. When Archie decided to relaunch it under their Dark Circle Comics imprint, the creators were only given one directive: make The Shield a woman instead of a man. It makes the series easy to jump into as a new reader because you don’t need any of the decades of continuity to understand it.

Where will this take him? To the world of creator-owned comics? Hopefully, but nothing concrete yet.


Part of Adam’s fiction catalog includes robots, AI, and high tech wonders.

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Near the end of the show, Adam shares some of his current reading recommendations: Karen Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, Lee Child, David Balducci, Robert Cray and more.


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