featurebanner_docunknown_interviewAMBER LOVE 25-SEP-2013 Sometimes the Universe answers your call when you say you really want more great comics that focus on adventure, solid storytelling, and beautiful art. The call was answered when FABIAN RANGEL, JR. sent me his miniseries DOC UNKNOWN. Time for the typical comparison: if you like…. Indiana Jones, Athena Voltaire, Batman, Green Hornet, Kim Possible and pulp detective stories, then yes, you will love DOC UNKNOWN.

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Fabian goes over his plan of action for budgeting as an indie creator. He’s done well focusing on spending a year to make new comics and then he can spend his money on traveling to one new show a year. This is a solid plan and happens to be the one that I’m trying to adopt for myself. I feel like 2013 is a bust since none of my expected projects have come out; still waiting and hoping they hit this winter. He did take chances pitching to the publishers he felt were appropriate and when none signed it, he decided to self publish. Their loss, as I say. I could list four publishers off the top my head where it fit in perfectly.

“I had one publisher tell me it was too much like a superhero book and another publisher tell me it was too much like HELLBOY and it’s just like…to me those are too much conflicting.” FR

DOC UNKNOWN is strongly influenced by Planetary and B.P.R.D. Fabian’s goal was to create his own universe that would also be the most fun RYAN CODY would have drawing. Hearing how Fabian specifically created the stories for Ryan’s style is a great lesson learned for new creators. In the first issue, Doc goes up against Boss Snake. He’s a great altered-humanesque character (like the Lizard or Killer Croc) who is a key player in the Gate City organized crime world. Boss Snake is the main subject of Fabian’s new Kickstarter (which reached above its goal in less than a day). Fabian talks thoroughly about how he embraced pulp tropes to build these first four stories and the new one-shot. He had particular elements that were required for his tales like a Yeti and subterranean creatures.

“I was thinking the other day if someone cosplayed as Doc Unknown, I’d shit my pants!” FR



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