featurebanner_leedelray_interviewAMBER LOVE 17-APR-2013 This week’s episode of VODKA O’CLOCK features blues musician LEE DELRAY whose Southern roots were assets to his Staten Island, N.Y. upbringing where he was introduced to music like that of Pete Seeger. He reveled in Doo-wop until discovering the blues in the late 1980s. From Harley Davidson to Star Trek, Lee shares many areas of life that bring him enjoyment and inspiration to make music.

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If you’re able to get to the Scranton, PA area, The Waterwheel Cafe in Milford has a schedule of live music where Lee makes regular appearances. That venue, The Robin’s Nest Rhythm & Blues in Linden, NJ and Brian’s Backyard BBQ & Grooves will be part of Lee’s CD release party for his debut album “570-BLUES.”


“I think we live in a very strange time right now with what’s going on in the country and abroad and we also live in a time of the ‘sensitivity generation’ where people kind of try to sugarcoat what’s going on and that may be reflective of where music’s at a little bit and maybe, not talking about it makes it kind of not there but I don’t think so; I think we have to talk about these things. It’s a delicate situation.” ~LD

We recorded this episode only days after the Boston Marathon bombing. I intended to talk to Lee about the evolution of music from the days of blues’ roots to protest songs of the Vietnam era and questioning where the socio-political discussions within music lyrics are now. Perhaps in a future interview, I’ll be able to get Lee’s insights into his former hip-hop days and the state of that music today.

Lee spent a little time while in New York City as a busker playing on the Staten Island ferry, an occupation often mistaken for nuisance rather than performance art. The black leather biker jacket and bald head befits his bad boy personality. Lee is no stranger to the law and has plenty of scuffles in his day. After spending a brief bout in the federal pen, he and two of his kids and even the dogs lived out of a car until finding a place to settle. He now has six children that he brags about and describes fatherhood as the greatest achievement.



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The Blues Foundation in Memphis can give you information on news, awards, and showcases.



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