Latest geek debauchery at more models of different styles hit the internets this summer. Above all, CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MENTORS MONKEYOFSTEEL AND NOVA on their engagement!

STARTER is a delicious duo of a boy and girl escapade in a bathtub based on Pokemon characters, Mudkip and Red. Quinn is magnificent model whose past set as Mystique took my breath away.  Kickapoo just adorable and I feel way too old to be saying that about him.

DREAMER breaks my heart because I would done a lot of things to play as Delirium, my favorite Sandman character from Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece. I’m sure no one would miss me once they got a good long look at Indigo’s unbelievable figure, wildly interesting tattoos and piercings that I’m certainly not brave enough to get. There certainly are plenty of dreams I will have about her. And who knows – maybe I’ll still do my own version some day.

MINISKIRT PILOT is the work of model Panic playing Gundam SEEN Destiny character Lunimaria Hawke after just returning to her hotel from a long trip. This 25 year old from Seattle fantasizes about pirates and has a love Ewoks. Basically, she’s pretty close to perfect.

PHANTOM is proof that our world simply cannot get enough of Kassandra whether she’s modeling or behind the camera. Here we’re lucky souls who get to gaze up her amazing talent of posing and playing with the camera as she shows off an incredible retro/steampunk ensemble and icy blue contacts that probably are really casting spells on you. It’s no surprise she’s one of my favorite modeling inspirations. Phantom is a character known as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.

And don’t forget you still find my AMAZON DEVIANT set there too!

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