JAN, 2011 – Although I made this costume between 2009 and 2010 for one of my friends in the Who Wants to be a Superhero? fan club, Tech Support, it wasn’t until today that the Blue Lantern transformation became a headline in DC Comics.


Dan Didio resumed his DC Nation letter in the back of all DC comic books this week. This time it featured Dan pictured with a large group of costumed fans in the various colored Lantern Corps uniforms. Some were based on existing characters while others, like Blue Lotus, were original.


In March of 2009 my original Hero Fashions blog (the place where I write almost exclusively about costumes only for people that are wary of my modeling career) has the original post about the first Blue Lotus costume which was white and baby blue. Then in time for MegaCon of 2010, Blue Lotus became a Blue Lantern with some minor changes.

The design of the original suit was actually based on the same pattern I created for my original Rogue suit (Marvel/X-Men) only in white and blue. The cape is a breezy lightweight fabric but I don’t recall what exactly.

I think Becky makes a superb transformation from Blue Lotus to Blue Lantern as if her power ring truly was governed by the HOPE of the universe.

Dan DiDio has been around one of my other Lantern Corps designs when Jill the Nerdy Bird was caught as a Red Rage Lantern at Comic-Con International with the Dex-Starr companion we co-created. Really, at this point, DiDio should be hiring me personally to be a character/costume designer for DC Comics. What’s he waiting for?

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