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AMBER LOVE & THE GEEKY REDHEAD KATE – 01-JULY-2015 There was no way we could pass up the opportunity to interview the creator of such great porn parodies in the Wicked Comix (link NSFW) lineup like BARBARELLA, SLEEPING BEAUTY, SNOW WHITE, 24, and BATMAN. Amber and Kate collaborated to talk with screenwriter and director AXEL BRAUN!

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June 3, 2015 was the release date for Braun’s latest masterpiece: BATMAN V. SUPERMAN XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY. After the hugely successful BATMAN XXX, we wondered how it could possibly be topped. If you missed it, the BATMAN XXX was done in the style of the 1966 TV show complete with the most incredible costumes so closely in sync with the originals, fans went wild for the nostalgia. Since then, we’ve seen other remarkable porn parodies come to screen. In some cases, the fans have found them to be better than what the major mainstream corporations are doing with their prestige characters.

Amber’s been so in love with Lexi Belle’s Batgirl XXX costume, it’s been on her “Cosplay Dream List” for years. Plus, the porn parodies take risks with characters. We’ve seen more appearances of Wonder Woman in porn in than in mainstream films and TV shows. In Braun’s Batman v. Superman XXX, you’ll even see Maxima, love interest to Superman who doesn’t get a lot of devotion compared to Lois Lane. Fan-favorite Harley Quinn is finally going to star in Warner Brothers’ SUICIDE SQUAD, but she’s been neglected on TV since her debut as the Joker’s girlfriend in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. In Braun’s version, it looks like Harley gets to keep her domino mask and white face paint, but sports the blonde pigtails instead of the jester cap in a style resembling Arkham Asylum. The Joker, however, is no Leto knockoff. That’s probably because this parody version was being made long before Leto’s Joker teasers were ever released. You can count on a more Heath Ledger style here.

Women are turning to porn just to see comic book characters they love on the screen. Plus, they get to see those characters have stories involving hardcore sex and romance that the comics can’t have or simply avoid. You probably read a lot about how porn doesn’t show good representations of women; there, Amber and Kate challenge the status quo and defend the types of erotica they enjoy. Kate loves romance novels and appreciates porn; and Amber thinks there is definitely a place for porn parodies in pop culture and for women to have agency in porn. Because of this intersection of romance, erotica, and comics, the porn parodies are one of the best ways you can have a stay-at-home date night with your special sweetie(s).


Runtime: 117 minutes
Performers: Batman v Superman XXX finds Giovanni Francesco, Ryan Driller and Brendon Miller reprising their award-winning roles as Batman, Superman and The Joker. The female cast is toplined by Kleio Valentien as Harley Quinn, Alison Tyler as Wonder Woman, Britney Amber as Maxima, 2015 AVN Best New Starlet & Best Actress winner Carter Cruise as Supergirl and ABP contract girl Aiden Ashley as Catwoman.



In the BvS XXX trailer, we get some teasers about characters and the environment including the Batmobile. What challenges did the cast and crew face making the scenes feel like a cohesive action movie?

There definitely are a myriad of challenges when making a porn parody, and one of them is to try and convey the look and feel of the source material while on a much more limited budget. The “Batman v Superman XXX” shoot was stretched over a three-month period, so one of the main concerns was to make sure we maintained the tonal continuity, but as far as making it cohesive that was something we worked out while writing the script. Kinda.

How do you respond to fans who say the porn films do a better job at costume design than the mainstream productions? How did you come to work with costume designer Monica Blaise for this project?

That’s incredibly flattering. The truth is that I am first and foremost a huge fan of both DC and Marvel comics, so I have costumes made the way I would like to see them as a fan…and I also enjoy the creative freedom of not having to answer to studio executives or having to worry about a merchandise deal with Walmart.

Since your productions are such a high level of professionalism in the industry, what’s the casting process like? Do you know, for example, who would be perfect to play Superman and Batman or which star has the best Harley Quinn maniacal laughter before you begin formal casting?

I send out sides to all the agents and hold auditions, pretty much like in mainstream. Except for the “casting couch”…we don’t have one 😉


This film seems to have a much darker feel than what I used to from an adult film, what with the Joker killing someone in the trailer. Do you feel that will impact how it is received as an adult film?

The Joker killing Lois Lane is a bold, powerful moment in “Batman v Superman XXX,” and it’s central to the story. Yes, I am fully aware that it could be perceived as a downer in an adult film, but I approach all of my superhero parodies with the idea of making fan films with sex, as opposed to sex films with superheroes.

Do you prefer to use actors who are familiar with the source material? Does that come up in casting?

Well, Ryan Driller was a huge Superman fan since he was a kid, and Kleio Valentien’s dream was to play Harley Quinn…but the adult talent pool is very limited, so I don’t really have the luxury of picking people who know the difference between Batman and Man-Bat.



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