It’s going to take many hours of editing so I don’t have much to share, but here are a couple of pictures from last weekend’s photoshoot with Mike at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

Now, just from these couple images, can you guess the theme I was going for?

Some interesting guesses came in and someone on facebook figured it out. Here’s the reveal (as you can see, I don’t have Rogue’s figure by any stretch of the imagination but I love her!):

It’s from X-Men volume 2 issue 8 apparently but I had seen this version of Rogue as a statue at Comic Fusion.

We had a beautiful setting sun to deal with. It looked nice just watching it but it made for really washed out backgrounds when it wasn’t blinding me. Mike, Dave and I got attacked by bugs too. I also didn’t realize that there would be the parking lot visible in the background either so the ones that are usable have to go through some major editing unfortunately; we just really liked this bush’s texture as a background so the other shots in different areas of the garden weren’t doing this specific pose. I submitted them for a very specific Cosplay Deviants project and I hope that they choose one because it would be my first time involved in such a project. *Fingers crossed.*

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6 Comments on Can you guess?

  1. Yummm…. pastrieees..

    You look okay too Amber. LOL! J/K.

    Clever shoot, fantastic use of reference, and you look spectacular!!

    Note my use of Marvel title adjectives. I was gonna throw in that the pies are simply “Web of”, but I didn’t think any one would get it.

    MMMM… pie. Gonna go have some apple, maybe key lime?

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