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What can I say? Sometimes as I’m about to fall asleep, weird shit starts churning through my brain. One night it happened to be “what kind of cats are the Brooklyn 99 characters?” and thus, here we are.

Top: Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago
Center: Captain Holt, Charles Boyle, Terry Jeffords
Bottom: Hitchcock & Scully, Gina Linetti, Dr. Kevin Cozner

Jake Peralta

Jake is lovable, progressive, never afraid to speak his mind, and uses humor as a defense mechanism. Yet, still has one of the best minds for detective work.

tabby and white cat
Domestic Shorthair Tabby: Your average housecat with a need to play. Photo: Hisashi, wikicommons

Rosa Diaz

Rosa is known for her tough as nails personality and physically expressing herself (for rage or love). She keeps a minuscule circle of close loved ones. When she gets vulnerable, she hurts as hard as she hits.

black cat
Oriental Shorthair: Sleek, muscular, agile, intelligent

Amy Santiago

Loves challenges and impressing her superiors. She’s neat and organized. Amy works hard and wants the credit for it.

fluffy cat
Ragdoll: the ragdoll’s coat may look luxurious but it’s easy to maintain; they’re smart and playful; they love companionship. Source: SharonMB, wikicommons

Captain Raymond Holt

Captain Holt has little room for nonsense for in his life, but he is capable of loosening up on rare occasions. Loves classical music. Capable of holding a grudge for decades.

black cat
Norwegian Forest Cat: the most metal of all cats. Can endure physical challenges; knows how to survive in all situations; picky about human companionship but loyal af. Source: Elma from Reykjavík, wikicommons

Charles Boyle

Goofy and lovable with an encyclopedic knowledge of food, Charles could be anyone’s best friend.

Russian blue
Russian Blue: Affectionate and sensitive to their human companion’s moods; doesn’t shed much; may even play fetch. Wikicommons

Sgt. Terry Jeffords

Loving husband and father of three, Sgt. Jeffords will do anything to keep his home-family and precinct-family from harm. Terry works out as revenge for being bullied when he was hefty and has to endure constant workplace sexual harassment from Gina Linetti.

Hairless Sphinx: Any excuse to show off those muscles, a sphinx doesn’t hide anything. Fond of sweaters. Also requires a weekly bath.

Hitchcock & Scully

I’m still not sure which is which but one sings like an angel and both love food, but refuse to clean up after themselves. Enjoying life is more important than health for these two BFFs.

two mastiffs
Let’s face it, they’re dogs. Source: Karina Leo-Steffen, hier hochgeladen von, wikicommons

Gina Linetti

Oh, dear, Gina. Narcissistic Gina. She does come across as vain, yet she’s frugal and not as self-absorbed as she pretends to be. She loves her friends. She hates working. She can also be the surprising moral compass for the 99.

savannah cat
The Savannah: the most exotic domesticated cat available; a serval hybrid; high maintenance; requires A LOT of attention and stimulation; vocal; will absolutely let you know if you’re boring. Source: F6 SBT TICA Supreme Grand Champion Kiwanga Wilhelm of Bodhicats – Helmi Flick, wikicommons

Dr. Kevin Cozner, PhD.

Dedicated professor and husband to Captain Holt. Kevin is as no nonsense as his husband, but he’s learning to embrace the 99 as a distant family in outer orbit.

Abyssinian: Totally coiffed and elegant; not necessarily a cuddler; enjoys being involved in life though on his own terms. Source: Gatobelo’s Kamée, Abessinier wildfarben, wikicommons

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