AMBER LOVE 25-OCT-2016 After reading the horrible account of a woman who was groped within a few minutes of multi-player mode in virtual reality QuiVr, I felt like there was nowhere VR would address consent. Luckily, the porn industry has come through providing webcam performers that are waiting to do things for you (hey, even they have rules and can block your ass if you don’t follow the etiquette). There have been porn games for a long time, but now that VR and AR are hitting the commercial marketplace, it’s time for every developer to make their profit. Whether G-rated or R-rated, it’s going to come down to money. Here’s where the adult market is: AliceX for live webcam models in a VR world and on Halloween, they’ll have special themed outfits. Support at is Now Optimized for Oculus Rift & Vive VR Headsets
AliceX VR
Users Will Be Able to Have an Immersive VR Experience
with All the Advantages Oculus & Vive Provide!

LOS ANGELES (October 24, 2016) –, the state-of-the-art VR adult webcam service is now optimized for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, giving users an enhanced immersive VR experience.

“We’re very pleased to give users of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive an optimized site that allows them the ability have an enhanced VR experience with all the options and features these headsets provide,” CEO Fabian Grey said. “The optimized site adds yet another layer of features and enhancements that puts the user in the middle of the action with hottest webcam models today!”

The Oculus Rift is arguably the most advanced VR headset available with its leading edge display technology and its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system that enables the sensation of presence for the ultimate immersive VR experience.

The state-of-the-art HTC Vive headset, allows the user to view stunning graphics and walk around freely and explore everything thanks to the Chaperone guidance system that keeps the user safely within the bounds of their play area.

The optimized site is the newest upgrade to which provides the ultimate in live, real time, adult VR entertainment. Utilizing only a smart phone and a VR headset and extremely easy-to-use, transports users into a virtual room where they are face-to-face live with a real, passionate woman for the ultimate girlfriend experience. The outcome of the rendezvous is left entirely up to the user.

The models include popular webcam performers Eva Brown, Salma Angel, Ema Hampton and Caroline Cooper and many others. Shows take place at regular intervals daily.

AliceX users do not need to install an app or extra software, as the service is available via through a web browser, like Chrome.

The innovative VR technology has been the focus of the company for more than a year and more so since public beta testing has been in effect over the last several months. With a VR cam platform operating on the appeal of the virtual girlfriend experience anywhere in the world through full LTE and higher Internet speeds, AliceX is quickly becoming an industry leader.

AliceX is currently compatible with all high-end Android smart phones like Samsung S6 or S7, Nexus 5 or LG G5. PlaystationVR and iPhones will be supported in the near future. For more, visit

AliceX Halloween Special:

On Halloween (Monday 31st October) all AliceX models are also celebrating the holiday with special dresses and much more. Prepare to be surprised!


The young team of AliceX is changing the face of adult entertainment by using cutting edge Virtual Reality technology to create a more intimate sexual experience. With AliceX, they leading the way – creating an experience that brings the user face to face with their fantasy. In the age of internet piracy, AliceX is proud to offer an VR experience that can’t be copied. This product adds a whole new dimension to adult entertainment by making users feel like they are really there. The team of AliceX aims to always remain at the forefront of the virtual reality porn revolution, and they are doing so by providing the only live webcam site to offer all users a virtual reality experience. AliceX



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