The public and restricted galleries for ALICE IN WONDERLAND have been updated! I honestly thought I did this months ago. I don’t know where my brain was. Too much of the rabbit’s “special tea,” I guess.

Head to the gallery to see the set!

John Hudson did way more than take pictures for this shoot. He provided the dress, socks, and all the props. He was filled with ideas about Alice meeting the March Hare, coming across the tea and falling through the looking glass. Needless to say, this was one of the most ridiculously fun things I’ve ever done!

And if you notice the red stains on the petticoat, there is an explanation for that too. John previously shot a scene with two other models doing an Alice theme where the Queen of Hearts was butchering poor Alice on a bed. It wasn’t with me so I don’t have the pics to share. The stains are the fake blood from that shoot though.

You need to have VIP access for this gallery.

If you have access to the new restricted area (formerly the paid member area), then you can see the rest of Alice’s striptease! Alice leaves her goggles on. 😉

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2 Comments on Alice galleries updated!

  1. Hello Amber/Alice~
    How would I ask for a “VIP access ” to Alice in Wonderland on this page.
    and how much is a VIP membership.
    Thank you for any info you can send my way..

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