Amber Love 06-MAR-2012 The rising star independent comics publisher 215 Ink collects their hit miniseries VIC BOONE into trade paperback with extras.

Pre-orders can be purchased at The tpb will be published May3o, 2012.

You may recall VIC BOONE was one of my favorite comic series of 2011 and 215 Ink quickly became one of my favorite publishers. VIC BOONE is like Bladerunner meets Rebel Without a Cause. It has a B-movie appeal without being solely about the science fiction. The core of the volume is about solving a mystery. The detective of choice: a cigarette smoking, leather jacket wearing bad boy that falls for his client. When 215 Ink says this book has it all, they mean it. Action. Romance. Mystery. Sci-Fi.

Shawn Aldridge and Geoffo hit a homerun with this one and I, for one, hope that there are more stories coming in 2012.

Vic Boone is a blend of bizarre 50s Hollywood sci-fi and pulp detective noir set in a futuristic Portland, OR. Malfunction: Murder collects the first arc of the award-winning series, including four previously unreleased Vic Boone shorts. Ex-motorcycle daredevil turned P.I., Vic Boone is hired by wealthy socialite Nina Hunt to clear her name of murder. Talking gorillas, mad scientists, and human flies – Vic Boone has it all.

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