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AMBER LOVE 06-OCT-2014 We made it through another exhausting and fulfilling weekend raising money at COMIC FUSION for our local domestic violence shelter, SAFE in Hunterdon. Our total intake from the comic art auction, raffles and donations is somewhere around $3,000. If you’ve followed Stacy Korn on Facebook, you’d see how much support we got this year from the local community of Flemington merchants. It’s quite a long list of credits to thank every single person, publisher and business that has helped us make this a success. We had great donations in art, books, jewelry, gift certificates, games and of course the financial contributions that made the whole thing possible.






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3 Comments on 2014 #SuperheroWeekend @ComicFusion recap

  1. Is Reed Richards bare footed? I so want to dress up for an event like that one. My wife and I dress up for Halloween and Renaissance Fair and nothing more 🙁

    • That’s actually a version of Spider-Man called Bombastic Bag Man. There are lots of events for costuming. Comic Cons are all over and there are comic shops always looking for people for special days like Free Comic Book Day in May.

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