AMBER LOVE 26-DEC-2014 I specify in the title up there that I analyzed the posts that were written in 2014, as opposed to the most popular of the year, because my most popular post is still something I wrote a few years ago about cosplaying at conventions in mature-rated attire at all ages shows. I can’t escape that post. I still feel the same exact way as back then, but it’s annoying when the keywords that bring people to AmberUnmasked are the same every single day, year after year. You’ll see what I mean in the stats below. I crossed out the posts and galleries that weren’t from this year or weren’t significantly updated. I have maybe ten people that regularly comment here at the official site. I think all are men. There are some women that interact about the posts on Facebook threads but not that comment here normally. Now that I’m over 1.1 million hits, I figured I’d take a deep look and see what people are after. There are no surprises and that’s fucking sad.


  • All of the comics I wrote this year have been for children and I was a paid professional.
  • I’ve only made two costumes for myself and neither were anything less than modest (Hughes Wonder Woman, Madame Web)
  • I self published my first non-fiction book through Kindle Direct.
  • I wrote my second novel but may actually get this one published now that I know how to do it myself.
  • I still enjoy posing for adult work but I don’t think I’ll be doing more than cheesecake ever again since it’s not worth the shitty comments and the knowledge that it’s all people are looking for (for free no less).



It’s not discussions of intersectional feminism and LGBTQ issues that people are reading here even though I’ve discussed those more. The most popular post of the year was when many of us were breaking the story about the girl in San Diego who got severely injured at Comic Con International. Because of the need for information and that the initial reports by the victim’s mother said the girl was assaulted (presumably sexually), the entire pop culture and cosplay world exploded with interest. That interest built up curiosity, anger, fear, and blame. The only reason I continue to get so many hits from that post is because of the MRA threads on Reddit that linked to it with their derisive petty blame games and slut shaming telling me how “wrong” I am about the little slutty cosplayer who was drunk (paraphrasing).

webcam male tears mug amber

No matter how much the blogging community tried to steer the message back to points that conventions need to be safe, we were ignored. We were trolled and attacked by MRA who decided that the message of Cosplay =/= Consent had no bearing after it was determined the girl caused her own injuries accidentally when falling while drunk.

I was among those trying to say that the conversation was not negated because this one case was disproved. I even had a guest on Vodka O’Clock speak openly about the sexual assaults she has experienced and how she declines invitations to conventions now because they keep including her rapist on the guest list. That girl in San Diego opened a lot of dialog about convention safety. If nothing else good could come from that investigation, at least there was that. Some conventions went out of their way to write new harassment policies and post signs about those policies.


What makes me sad is that none of the posts that I think are my best writing are there, nor are any of my podcast show notes. Every single post you see up there is because people are searching for things like X-rated cosplay. That is literally, as evidenced by these stats every single year, the reason most people come here. Some come for the cosplay tutorials! Eleven of the top 21 search terms have to do with NSFW content like “nude,” “naked,” “topless,” “porn.” Hey, at least five of the cosplay searches are for actual mainstream/wide audience cosplay.


The search engines aren’t all that interesting. I get more results from Facebook than Twitter which is strange since I use Twitter more and because Facebook doesn’t show every person the Pages they’ve liked. Facebook’s insights show the same exact stats I get from YouTube: 83% of my fans are males, age 25-55 in the United States (followed by UK and Canada).


Since 10 of the 12 blog posts from the popular list of what was created this year have to do with NSFW and half the search terms are NSFW related, it’s clear most people I’m trying to reach don’t think I have a talent besides being naked. I am good at it and modeling is one of my favorite things to do, but for fuck’s sake, I don’t do that nearly as much as write and interview people. I could have copied and pasted from the 2012 year end analysis post (which I urge you to read) because it was exactly the same. I guess I didn’t even bother in 2013 because, why would I? I’m sure it’s also the same.


vodka oclock podcast logo

I’ve produced 127 episodes of Vodka O’Clock since I began my own audio podcast (I used to do shorter videos and guest host on other podcasts) and not one of the episodes’ show notes are valued enough by search terms because the searches are people looking for NSFW images not my writing or interviews with incredibly talented people. They’re popular when I post them and promote them specifically but unless I’ve mentioned the post, no one goes to those articles based on searches.

For those show notes, you only need to click PODCAST in the tag cloud.

1401 Eric Grissom 1/1/2014
1402 Tony Miello 1/7/2014
1403 Dave Ryan, Rachel Aragno, Bob Sodaro – Owlgirls 1/13/2014
1404 Wes Locher – Chambers, etc 1/22/2014
1405 Monty Nero – Death Sentence 1/29/2014
1406 Gannon Beck, Bryan Richmond – Space Corps 2/5/2014
1407 Jeff Mach – Necro/Wicked Faire 2/12/2014
1408 Lela Gwenn – Born Dark kickstarter 3/1/2014
1409 Ryan K Lindsay – Headspace 3/4/2014
1410 Drea Letamendi – dual identities, gender 3/15/2014
1411 Jeremy Holt – Art Monster 3/23/2014
1412 Ande Parks & Damian Smith – vodkaversary 4/5/2014
1413 JK Woodward – Trek, Kill Shakespeare 4/12/2014
1414 Christopher Kosek – Default Trigger 4/15/2014
1415 Amber’s solo salute to Jamie D 5/5/2014
1416 SPWF – Gender Panel 5/18/2014
1417 SPWF – music samples & OM Grey reading 5/20/2014
1418 Jamal Igle – Action Lab updates 5/24/2014
1419 Cunning Minx – PolyWeekly 5/28/2014
1420 SPNY – Kickstarter Panel 6/15/2014
1421 SPNY – Transgender Panel 6/15/2014
1422 SPNY – Female Heroes 6/15/2014
1423 Avonelle Wing – Dexcon 6/29/2014
1424 Claire Connelly & Erica Schultz – churchill 7/6/2014
1425 Dexcon interviews D&D 7/11/2014
1426 Josh Stallings – writing, sex crime in fiction 7/20/2014
1427 Wes Locher – Undoubtables, writing heists 7/27/2014
1428 Boston LGBT panel 8/11/2014
1429 Michael Lark – Lazarus artist 8/23/2014
1430 Steve Bryant – artist/writer 8/29/2014
1431 Jennie Wood – writer/lgbtq creator 9/6/2014
1432 Stephen Coughlin – Sanctuary 9/13/2014
1433 Christine Rose – sexual assault and con safety 9/27/2014
1434 Superhero Weekend – charity volunteers 10/6/2014
1435 NYCC – Queercopia 10/14/2014
1436 NYCC – Dynamite 10/14/2014
1437 NYCC – Female Stereotypes 10/14/2014
1438 NYCC – Comixology Submit 10/15/2014
1439 NYCC – Oni Press 10/15/2014
1440 Amber solo – Nanowrimo 11/28/2014
1441 Josh Neff – Part One – Nanowrimo 12/8/2014
1442 Josh Neff – Part 2 – Holidays & SJW 12/15/2014
1443 Ande Parks – writing, Ciudad 12/22/2014



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8 Comments on 2014’s most read posts

  1. I have come to the conclusion that cheesecake is usually more erotic/ It leaves things to our imagination. You are a lovely person and what ever type of pictures that you tale will be enjoyable to look at.

    • I love cheesecake but now it looks like there’s no room for people who have been doing it before the craze of WWII homages. The other pictures I see are shot by professionals and the models have custom outfits, their hair & makeup professionally done and everything. And they get into fashion shows and catalogs or magazines.

  2. When Christine Rose did her Kickstarter project as O.M. Grey, I was able to help her in the funding, and helped her in creating a short story (which was one of the perks from KS). She later submitted it to “Tales of the Talisman” and appeared in Vol. 7 Issue 4 of that magazine. We started to follow each other before she became a rape victim. No doubt that it would soon lead to her retiring her character years later and focus more on her other work with her husband. We still follow each other because of our love of things geeky, and for the fact that the rape issue was still a big problem in our nation. She and her husband have moved to a new state to get away from the place that would still hunt her, and I think it would help her in her work on some new books.

  3. Hi Amber! I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I hope it helps to hear that this reader LOVES your personal pieces and your podcasts. I know I don’t comment often, but I read your blog & your Twitter regularly, and I always enjoy your writing (congrats again on your NaNoWriMo success!!) As a 27-year-old woman who struggles with depression & anxiety, I especially appreciate your posts about mental health, thank you for having the guts and compassion to talk about such a personal & sensitive topic. Always wishing you the very best, and looking forward to finding out what great things you’ll do in 2015!!

    • Thank you, Selina! I hope the holiday weeks haven’t been too bad for you. I know a lot of people like me who tend to not enjoy them.

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