If you’ve seen this evening’s tweets (21-Aug-2010), you’ll see my schizophrenic change from asking about how sex is depicted in fiction into a rapid rant about my netbook being under attack. Mind you, just this morning, I was concerned for my Facebook account because I got an obviously suspicious redirect when trying to view my Friends’ Status Updates.

I’ve had enough with popular social networking.

I was only logging into myspace to email one person that only blogs there and that’s when my netbook got hit. I use Facebook constantly because it’s where everyone is and since I’m trying to spread the word about Wonder Woman Weekend, it makes the most sense to be there. Rule #1 of attracting followers is to have regular interactive posts. However, my social networking is clearly very bad for my home networking’s health.

The unfortunate bottom line is that THIS site is going to have to suffice as my main blog from now on. I’ll tweet links as I have been, to directly bring Twitter followers to the article or blog post (whatever you want to call it). And I am just as leery about Twitter seeing as how one of my close friends just had his account phished forcing him to start a brand new account with a different albeit similar username.

As I said back in April, I don’t know how people can have faith in mankind when there is such malcontent out there.

They do it because they can and for no other reason. Like super villains at a computer with internet access, they write this shit solely to hurt people. They don’t make money off it; they don’t gain anything from it. Their motivation is the masochistic pleasure they achieve.

I consider myself to be a hopeful person. I use the words “hope” and “hopeful” a lot because it’s something I do have. I do not, however, have faith in mankind. When you’ve been kicked down in one way or another, it is difficult to find the motivation to do good in this world. (Yes, I see all the Peter Parker subtext and it’s not intentional).

And now to mentally deal with this situation, here are cute cat pictures.

My beloved princess, Caico who airs out her belly the way a dog would.
Caico on our old garden bench.
One of my prized possessions, a stunning portrait of my girl done in ink and watercolor.
Caico shopping at PetCo in her deluxe buggy (it has a cupholder).
Caico's first photo with Santa back in 2007. One of the local malls does a pet day with Santa.
Red Lantern Corps Rage Kitty Caico!