Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Five:

Case File No. 01-209

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AMBER LOVE 10-MAY-2021 Find out how all this began. Catch up on Year One, Year Two, Year Three, and Year Four cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency.

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Where We Left Off:

We ended the fourth year of investigations with a look into the lives and deaths of Jack and Seamus Voleman.

Murder at the Gallop:

One of the things Jack Voleman divulged about his vole community before Gus dispatched with his life, was that one of the unsanctioned sporting events was a regular gathering for racing. I’ve heard of such rebellious drag racing ever since Grease. I’ve managed to avoid all the Fast & Furious movies. Little known fact: I did work at a drag race track as a teenager in the summer. Served fries and greasy food at the counter. Know nothing about racing. Managed to not get involved with the grown-ass man who always tried to woo us teenage girls. He had a Mustang, a shitty GT variety that stands out as the pimple of otherwise a legendary designed car series. It’s weird that I had forgotten all about that until just now.

Oliver on chair

When Oliver Winchester questioned Jack before his execution by Gus, the identity of one of these drag racers spilled from the proverbial canary. If that sentence is terrible allow me to explain clearly: Jack ratted out Vole Custer.

Gus hunting vole

Gus searched for Vole Custer in the same general area at the rock fortress where he found the other voles. He has more patience during stakeouts than he ever shows me when he wants food or outside time. He moves from spot to spot with the appearance of being casual most of the time, but he’s really on high alert. When he gets the sense of a critter being active, he moves in close to the ivy-covered rocks and peers in between them.

On this particular day, the 8th of April, Gus climbed up on the rocks and leaned his upper body through the shrub. He’s been successful there before. I didn’t think he would find another critter in the exact same spot, but he showed me it was possible.

Gus with Vole in his mouth

I was pushing Oliver around in his carriage when we noticed Gus might have something. Gus got down from the rocks and pranced towards the back door. Oliver and I caught up to him on the stony path and Gus turned around. Instead of going to the back door as he normally does, he pivoted and headed up the privet drive instead. He headed towards “his work” in the mechanic shop area. Gus stopped in the grass halfway there and let the critter go.

This is when Oliver was able to get an official identification of the perp. Vole Custer, known racer. I have no idea why Gus decided to let Vole Custer go then and there. Custer seemed confused too, but took advantage of it. Strangely, he was not particularly fast, but was rather focused and in control. He went to the Butler’s car and looked for a way in! He tricked Gus into thinking he was underneath it.

The Custer v. Guster match started back up. Gus searched around that tire for several minutes before realizing Vole Custer was inside the wheel! I cannot properly describe how surreal it was to see the whack-a-mole game become real life. I mean, if they can turn Pokemon into a movie (and a detective no less) then there’s got to be roots here for a whack-a-mole movie.

We could hear a squeak when Gus got his claws on the vole. I thought that was going to be it. I expected Gus to pull Vole Custer out of the wheel and return to his normal activities of destruction. But, Vole Custer slipped out of the claws and escaped from the wheel. He waddled (seriously, this was not a fast rodent) under the car in the grass. Gus realized what had happened and caught up. He followed the vole across the border into off-limit territory. The Butler intervened and went after them. He picked up Gus and carried him back home.

Case Findings:

Vole Custer might not be a great racer, but he’s wily enough to escape the clutches of Guster Nabu. He lived through his encounter and can go warn the others that should stay out of this territory if they want to survive.

Case Status: Closed

Gus snooping

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