Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 30-134


AMBER LOVE 09-DEC-2019 Find out how all this began. Catch up on Year One and previous Year Two cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. We are in YEAR THREE!

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Where We Left Off:

Gus put an end to a known problem in the area. Shrewis CK can’t hurt anyone anymore. Gus made sure of that.

Stranger Things:

Doesn’t everyone know that the best things to do on rainy days are read, write, and watch TV while snuggling under blankets (yes, even in summer)? Having cats, coffee, tea, or whiskey close by helps immensely. Rainy days are their own special pocket dimensions through the year. They’re kind of seeing that cousin you only see at funerals — nice person, love to see them and catch up, but you don’t want them around all the time. Of the few scenes of The Office (US) that weren’t cringeworthy, one is entirely about how Phyllis makes the exact same remarks every time it rains: be in a comfy chair, drinking tea, reading a book. And Phyllis was right.

books of adam comic strip

When it comes to the staff at The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency, the felines do not usually follow matching behaviors. No matter what, Gus wants to be outside exploring and weather be damned. Oliver will meditate on the observation deck as the raindrops make a percussive melody. Then he’s fine going back inside to await time on his favorite human’s lap. As soon as The Cook is out of the kitchen and in her recliner, Oliver is immediately there to make himself comfortable. Gus will eventually accept that time on the observation deck watching the squirrels from afar is better than nothing. At least there’s fresh air and no leaf blowers.

Oliver will come up through the offices to visit and help out with cases indoors on these dreary days. He does some of his best critical thinking during these times. His personal crime board looks akin to the murder boards of television’s greatest crime drama props. Oliver likes things to be laid out so he can sit and stare or close his eyes and feel the energy of whatever it is that’s not quite right. This ethereal sensitivity also allows him to pick up spooky activity before Gus does. Gus has his moments of staring at the wall behind the bed in a way to specifically unnerve me and make me look over my shoulder every few seconds, but he doesn’t do anything about whatever it is he’s sensing. Oliver will try to get in its “face” so to speak.

Oliver ghosthunting

Whether he’s hunkered down by the old mesh heating vent that’s about 3×8 inches in the rise of a step, or at the top of the stairs, Oliver gets to work. By the way, he hates being disturbed. There have been times when I’ve needed to close the bathroom door, but HOW DARE I do that when he’s in his loaf position listening to the sounds of the vent, smelling things perhaps.

Oliver ghosthunting

Recently, because of aforementioned rain, Oliver started his ghost hunting at the top landing of the stairs to the east wing opposite of the stairs leading to Gus’ room. His behavior and commitment to his job didn’t strike me as anything alarming. What did was how long he was there and then the fact that he allowed Gus to assist him. More shocking was that Gus took up the ghost hunting task and didn’t immediately resort to wrestling Oliver on the stairs. As we say, a bored Gus is a dangerous Gus.

oliver and gus ghosthunting

I couldn’t find anything unusual. The place is drafty so it’s hard to say that the chills coming from the wall were significant. I gave them some electric candlelight. That seemed to have an effect. The subject in/behind the wall was less intriguing to them. Perhaps it got weaker or started to move away. Oliver did not appreciate where I placed the lantern but my options were limited. It’s not a big space.

Oliver ghosthunting

Both cats said there were definite signs of spectral activity! They don’t have more information though. I no longer have a spirit board. I don’t think either of them have ever seen such a thing. They’re quite familiar with tarot and crystals. Both detest incense burning. Oliver spent at least an hour investigating. Does that equate to an even longer amount of time for the spirit or would be a split second to them?

After the investigation, Gus wanted catnip.

Case Findings:

Oliver believes that the spectral activity inside the walls was the work of a poltergeist. It may be mischievous and noisy, but Oliver doesn’t think we are in harm’s way. The spirit is likely to stick around.

Case Status: Closed

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