Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 07-111


AMBER LOVE 01-JULY-2019 Catch up on Year One and previous Year Two cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. We are in YEAR THREE!

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Where We Left Off:

Gus had a final showdown with one of his Most Wanted, a mouse named Murray Apodemus. Murray begged for his life, but Gus had no mercy.

Johnny Stool Pigeon:

We welcomed two new fairies into the Fairy Garden for Beltaine/Beltane. It’s time to formally introduce our kind readers to our new flock and let you get to know a little. Fiona Brightwing and Ida Ogg have been busy since their arrival.

You may recall that we found scientific evidence that fairies do not give birth to live young. At least not this type of fairy (they are many). Eugenia Elmore laid eggs, the color of a clear blue sky. They were spectacular. Looking at the shells, even empty, caused me to fall into a trance. We also found traces of Eugenia’s morning sickness vomit in various places. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows.

fairy house

One of Eugenia’s young decided to stay here with us. Fae of the Garden, Ida Ogg is playful, silly, and carefree. She can be useful for our security, but that’s far from her priority. For now, Ida is perfectly content frolicking with Rosalu to chase moths and lightning bugs. It’s gets Rosalu’s mind off the disappearance of Joey Bag O’Peanuts, a member of the chipmunk mafia who has been missing for quite some time. I would not describe Ida as a party girl, but she is whimsical and more interested in things that do not have to do with the security of the estate. She’s grateful to be in a safe home and hopes to avoid predators by being part of a growing flock.

Fiona Brightwing is a completely different sort of fairy. She traveled from a far off land called Sussex. She said the days and nights of traveling felt endless. It probably would have been a lot faster had Fiona not stopped every hundred feet to study a plant or bug. Fiona is scientifically-minded and particularly focused on what she finds interesting. She’s shy, contemplative, and loves studying the world around her. She isn’t one to gossip, but since other creatures don’t find her threatening, they tend to unload their problems on her much like a human hair stylist or bartender.

blue jay on a large rock
Louie Eggs stopping by the Cheeks Moretti fortress.

This brings us circling back to Case File No. 04-108 regarding the blue jay party. It seemed innocent enough — a small gathering of blue jays who are known to be gregarious and loud. But they were gathering in a tree known to be frequented by thieves. The blue jays also pop into the Fairy Garden neighborhood. They’re easily spooked by Gus or myself even when we’re standing still minding our own business. Nonetheless, the peanuts are irresistible to blue jays. They even try to sneak one or two from Cheeks Moretti when he’s not looking. They’re quick about it and foolish enough to believe that I don’t see them.

blue jay on a large rock
Cheeks Moretti was back inside, so Louie Eggs took the opportunity to help himself to any leftover peanuts.

One blue jay is a regular visitor to the Fairy Garden. “Louie Eggs” Consalvo is so quick when he descends from the pine tree to snatch a peanut that I have not been able to get great photos of him there though I got some blurry ones right after I noticed the roof of the fairy house had been knocked over and on the ground. However, I did catch Louie Eggs at the rocky palatial fortress of Cheeks Moretti, the chipmunk mafia godfather and got a couple better pictures that time.

Louie Eggs blue jay snacking

Anyway this brings us to the what Fiona Brightwing was told by Louie Eggs. He was jabbering away. She didn’t care. She stayed focus on a new mushroom growing next to the tree stump house. It is a gorgeous mushroom and certainly caught my eye. Louie Eggs blabbed on and on about how Joey Bag O’Peanuts went into Witness Protection with the feds. That’s why he and his new family fled the area and haven’t been seen since. Ada Holstein is holding down the fort at Oliver’s patio and the entire front of the estate since Joey’s absence.

Gus and Gnomez in Gnome Grove

Fiona wasn’t personally affected by the bombshell news. Fortunately she mentioned it to Rosalu. It mattered a great deal to Rosalu who happily passed it on to Gnomez Addams who passed it on to Gus. Fae folk are gossipy.

Fiona Brightwing may not realize how valuable this information is. She’s so unsuspecting that Louie Eggs may keep blabbing secrets to her because he thinks she’s a great listener.

Case Findings:

We sadly have to close the cases against Joey Bag O’Peanuts due to his relocation and new identity. Maybe there’s a chance that after he testifies, he will come back to be part of our neighborhood.

Case Status: Closed


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