Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Two: Case File No. 48-100

100 clues


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Where We Left Off:

We continued our investigation in the diabolical Leverage Squirrel Team as Parker seems to have learned how to steal all the bird seed through a locked cage door.

100 Clues:

It’s been a surreal journey in experimental writing as I work on the case files of two elite suburban cats, Professor Oliver Winchester and DI Burton Guster Nabu. Recently we celebrated their birthdays (Gus now 4 and Oliver now 5). I wish I had thought of documenting their daily lives sooner. They grew from being inseparable to tolerating each other and sometimes teaming up quite respectably.

Ollie and Gus

[Queue Recap Montage]

The first year of opening the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency, the boys with the help of human staff, discovered many unbelievable things. They got to know the inner workings of the Chipmunk Mafia. Gus was brought before the Supreme Court of Squirrels. They discovered magical artifacts and a lot of bones — all of which told stories.

Gus became so stimulated by the prospects of exploring and discovery that there are times when he’s a right brat. He knocks things down from shelves, tries to steal art off the walls, and howls for hours. He’s getting close to working the door latches; and just they other day managed to join Oliver on the balcony when none of the humans admit to letting him out there.


Oliver went from a bold, confident, and speedy young boy to a slow-moving, overly-cautious, spoiled old man. He’s not old by any means. He just acts like a curmudgeon. He also knows how to manipulate all of the humans to get extra treats since Gus has taken to stealing Oliver’s leftovers.


It was back in our first year as an agency that we found enough circumstantial evidence to piece together a whole new chapter in the Jersey “Devil” or Jersey “Demon” cryptozoology. Oliver examined the bones and artifacts Gus and I brought back to the office. Our finding is that the traditional demons had to breed with white-tailed deer to maintain any sort of population for survival. We think one of the breeding doe was Virginia, a mamma with a limp who used to visit our yard often. The bones we found were hers and we learned a lot from them.

We also learned about people from history in this small town back when it nothing more than a dirt road next to a canal and railroad stop. From a suffragette to a serial killer to a man who felt he had to murder his own abusive father in order to survive — these cats have uncovered a lot. I haven’t noticed any zealot fans of theirs, but they’ve certainly help me increase Instagram followers (@amberunmasked).

Psych gif "100 Clues"

Within our second year, we’ve learned that our neighbors were spies and a man from space landed right here! Things have remained the same level of weird. There was the Gobblesquatch legend and the phasiamancy. I tried to make friends with the voles in order to get information on the Chipmunk Mafia; Gus thinks their only purpose is to be his prey.

We were almost murdered by chainsaw killers in the forest. Gus discovered a dinosaur which was one of his most impressive finds. And we continue to be amazed by those thieving Leverage squirrels. Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention the solo thief, Squirrelina Kyle who keeps to herself and steals from a different section of the Winchester-Nabu property.

We also had some guest spots featuring the Pluck cats, Big Lou and Charlie. Charlie has since passed away after putting in a good fight against disease. He lived a while with one missing leg, but eventually it was not enough. We miss you, Charlie.

Simon getting email from Oliver Winchester


Then there was Simon Squishypaws who stopped a thief in Edison, New Jersey. Simon doesn’t fancy himself as a go-getter, but he’s excellent at surveillance and stealth operations.

If you’re counting and thinking that a post named “100 Clues” without mentioning a new clue means that there are only 99 clues, I can assure you that some of our adventures have had multiple clues. In fact, we probably passed 100 a while ago, but this is the 100th post of official Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency business. 😉

If all this is news to you, go back through the cases and see for yourself.

Psych 100 clues gif

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