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Where we left off:

We were able to consider the case of the pottery shards as closed as can be for now.

Night has a Thousand Eyes

A year agoYou should go back and revisit that case., we found a rather large artifact near the top of the mountain. Gus and I uncovered it and delivered it back to the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. Oliver and I inspected it and did a lot of research. We had discovered a chunk of a magical vase embossed with a unique design of a woman and fox. You can go back and read all about the curse.

Winchester-Nabu crystal quartz

Second artifact:

Oliver and I believe we have unearthed another piece of the enchanted vase! I took him for a stroll up the private road and paused near the main cottage to snap a photo of the view. Oliver began digging at his seating mat which is his way of saying something requires attention. It also means he hates standing still and get a move on. I swiveled his carriage around and skirted the edges of the parking area. Near the burn barrels, Oliver got feisty again.


I looked over at the barrels because I had been warned a huge hornet nest was around there. Instead of a nest, I saw a hole. Oliver was already peering into it with curiosity. Perhaps the hole was where the hornet nest had been. I can’t think of any reason why someone dug a random hole up there. I didn’t even have to do much to retrieve the chunk of crystal we spotted. It was clearly visible. I had to wonder why the person who dug this hole didn’t also take the artifact with them. They must not have realized what they uncovered.

There was only a little mud on the crystal. It has identical coloring to the large piece of Case No. 19 from Year One. Oliver and I were headed back to the office anyway so it didn’t take too long before I could process the treasure.

Artifact found 18-Oct-2018


I released Ollie from his carriage as soon as we were inside. He was hungry and wanted a snack so I did the processing alone. I donned some gloves and rinsed the stone under water. I didn’t need a scrub brush for it. The mud came off easily.

I took the measurements and photos. That was all I could get done in one day because of my task list and Gus constantly crying to go outside for more adventures.

Further study:

Gus isn’t particularly fond of the research aspects of our jobs. He LOVES art and objects, but mainly to steal them. I don’t know how to get to him interested in other subjects. He’s destined to be a badass action star, I guess. Parkour, climbing trees, racing up mountains, escape routines, and trying to steal art. With no help from him, I pressed onward to see what I could find out.


Both artifacts visually appear identical in composition. Weight is proportional. Coloring matches. Surface texture matches. It’s definitive that we have another piece of silicon dioxide (SiO2).

But are they from the same larger mass? Since these pieces do not fit together like puzzle pieces the way the pottery shards did, it’s going to take a little extra special test to get a result.

Remember what the old merchant woman said when she originally sold the vase to Frederick William I of Prussia:

“It’s said that whoever owns this piece will have the magical sight to see who is friend or who is foe.”

I don’t have any enemies that I would want to seek out at this particular juncture, so, let’s go with friend. Gus left because he’s wasn’t getting his way; but for some reason, Oliver is napping on my bed. You don’t know what a big deal that is! He’s only been on my bed maybe three other times. Ollie is here so he’s my test subject.

Testing the artifact:

There’s a specific way to get into a meditative state that I prefer. Laurie Cabot taught it to me in class and it’s in her books/CDs too so if you want to learn it directly from her, there are resources available. It’s called, the Crystal Countdown and it’s for going into alpha state.

[amazon_link asins=’1940755034,0385301898′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’amberunmasked-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f295627f-d3ce-11e8-9032-8f87e2f69ae7′]

The brain functions at different waves. Beta waves are normal, waking states at 12-38 Hz. Alpha waves are when the brain functions at 8-12 Hz. Then theta waves are 3-8 Hz; and delta waves are .5-3 Hz *. These numbers slightly vary depending on the source. Since I mentioned my teacher, I’ll also share her chart of the cycles per second**:

  • Beta 24-14 cps
  • Alpha 14-7 cps
  • Theta 7-3 cps
  • Delta 3-0 cps

I held the new piece of quartz and went into alpha state. Then I looked over at Oliver Winchester, sleeping soundly on my bed. I felt like I was floating. Lighter somehow. My lungs could expand more. My shoulders dropped into relaxation. I opened my eyes with a soft gaze and observed to see if anything changed.

Below is a representation of what it was like using the enchanted quartz to see that Oliver was a loving friend. He was surrounded by sparkles, twinkling wisps of light, and hues of pinks and rose.

Case findings:

I think it’s evident that the piece of quartz Oliver and I found is part of the same piece Gus and I found a year earlier.


* “What Are Brainwaves?” What Are Brainwaves ? Types of Brain Waves | EEG Sensor and Brain Wave – UK,

** Cabot, Laurie, et al. Laurie Cabot’s Book of Spells & Enchantments. Copper Cauldron Publishing, 2014.



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