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Where we left off:

Teenagers who are unsupervised are annoying as hell. In fact, we’ve met actual demons who are more pleasant. Now we continue with the case file on the Black Vonda, the spooky black car.


Our investigation into the possessed Black Vonda, an otherwise non-descript sedan that showed up one day, goes all the way back to Case 2017-29A. We then continued to uncover even more alarming information about the possibility of Masonic intervention in Year Two: Case File 11-63. The car had scratch marks like claws through the paint. Even worse in my humble opinion was the day it was covered in a plague of bugs and spiders.

dean supernatural

After our report a couple of weeks ago, the car we’ve come to call the Black Vonda, mysteriously disappeared just as it had appeared in the first place. There were markings on the asphalt showing precisely where the tire treads were and an outline like a sun-faded spot even though the car was under a large tree. There was something suspicious about that outline.

Did the Freemasons notice that we were looking into them? We didn’t exactly keep our findings under wraps. We did the opposite and told the internet.


Around the time of this car’s vanishing, there were several odd specimens in the area. I noted them, but didn’t necessarily recover them to take back to the offices for further examination.

Bassett, Virginia is a small town roughly the same size as ours here in New Jersey. The town’s claim to fame is the Bassett Furniture company. However, it’s claim to infamy is the legend of the Bassett ghost cars. The stories say that one night a lot full of cars had all their lights turned on by themselves. These were junkyard cars though, probably inoperable or at least some with expired batteries. If you drive along that road at night, you could actually see the lights pop on again; or perhaps hear the doors rattle and slam as they open and close on their own, radios turning on and blasting, or horns honking. It’s all quite peculiar.

€œWhen we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.€
ۥ Mark Twain

gif christine

€œAfter all, let a man take what pains he may to hush it down, a human soul is an awful ghostly, unquiet possession, for a bad man to have. Who knows the metes and bounds of it? Who knows all it’s awful perhapses, -those shudderings and temblings, which it can no more live down than it can outlive its own eternity!
ۥ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Although I can admit to leaving the house more often than in the past, while I’ve been here at the estate and the detective agency offices, I haven’t seen any mundane world explanations. No tow trucks have come to take it away. No one bought it (although I’m not sure who the rightful owner is). However, the car was in working condition. I simply can’t fathom who would climb into such a jalopy covered in bugs and spiders with mice living in the undercarriage (unless Gus killed all those by now).

I discussed the situation with Oliver Winchester and Guster Nabu. Gus was the one who discovered the car in the first place; and he’s the one who first noticed it was gone. Oliver usually hears all about the dealing inside the workshop from the Grumpy Old Man. His butler occasionally drives him up there too so he can see things for himself.

disappearing illusion

It’s Oliver’s opinion that the strange faded outline of the car means that it disappeared from that spot in an instant and could not have been driven. The treadmarks weren’t shifted in any way. A blast of energy left the light-colored pattern behind on the asphalt. He’s kind of the boss so I accept his theory.


Case Status: Closed.

It is believed that the Masons held another secret ritual on the property and channeled enough energy to displace the black car. We never had the opportunity to see if the car’s demon had been exorcised properly or not.



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