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Where we left off:

Gus attacked a chipmunk and continues to chase every squirrel. New information about the criminal operations of local wildlife is always coming in for our files.

Nine Angry Squirrels

The time has come to report back on the Internal Affairs investigation into the case of DI Burton Guster Nabu’s tendencies for brutality. This investigation was opened after Gus swallowed a baby mouse. It was one more complaint in a long list of aggressive behavior against the rodentia community at the Winchester-Nabu estate and surrounding lands.

Gus got to present his defense to the Supreme Court of Squirrels

Discovery hearing:

After presenting the evidence and list of eyewitnesses, there was sufficient need to proceed with an internal investigation. This is not something I wanted to do.

Photographic evidence:

As seen in the photos, Gus presented his human companion and secretary Amber Love, with the trophy kill of a baby mouse before he swallowed it whole.


Burton Guster Nabu is a three-year-old domestic feline who frequently spends supervised hours outside of the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency building. Gus has been loved by the humans of the agency for two years. He and Professor Oliver Winchester struck up a familial relationship and agreed to begin the detective agency together.

His partner, Professor Oliver Winchester, gave a reasonable character reference describing Gus as, “often worked up in an energetic frenzy which requires physical activity and emotional stimulation such as solving crimes, martial arts, yoga, and games in order calm his demeanor.”

On his own behalf, Gus argued that he does more good for the community and household at the agency than harm. He doesn’t think his behavior in vandalism and property damage is as detrimental as others would have you believe. Regarding the aggression towards other beings both living and dead, Gus said every instance was justified.

Gus does a lot of community service with his human such as picking up trash from the environment.

The victim of the case that launched this investigation, the baby mouse, was being used by its mother as a lookout for her own criminal operations. After digging into that mouse family, it was discovered that the mother was a known fence, not a mule for contraband as previously reported by a witness. The mother was preparing to train her offspring in jobs within her petty criminal organization.

Gus further believes that the field mice are part of a much larger criminal organization operated by the Chipmunk Mafia. Based on C.I. statements, Gus shifted his focused and decided to spend more of his investigation hours pursuing chipmunks than mice. The Chipmunk Mafia presents a great public image, adored by fans and citizens. They always show off their most camera-ready members to the public. They have, however, been spotted crossing the border between the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency and the neighboring house.

With this new information, pursuits into capturing field mice will be placed on low priority. The mice burglarizing from the Winchester-Nabu office and residence are still a higher priority and considered a different investigation.

IA case:

The Supreme Court of Squirrels oversaw the complaint on behalf of the rodentia community. Chief Justice Squirrel Warren read the decision of the majority opinion:

“It is our understanding that while doing his duty in service to the greater community, Burton Guster Nabu continues to be aggressive towards certain members of said community. He has a history of assault on rodents, snakes, and birds. However, the majority of the court finds that it is in Burton Guster Nabu’s inherent nature as a feline to have the instincts and desires to stalk, hunt, maim, or consume particular species of wildlife. Therefore it is the court’s decision that no suspension from duty is necessary. The court further finds that it would be beneficial for Burton Guster Nabu to spend more time confined to the Winchester-Nabu estate’s observation deck when his behavior outside reaches levels of unacceptable aggression.” *translated

Additional Caveats to the Decision:

In lieu of suspension, Burton Guster Nabu and his human companions will be responsible for monitoring wildlife activity and issuing reparations. It’s been noted that the distribution of peanuts has already begun.

Supreme Court of Squirrels Justices:

  1. Squirrel Warren, Chief Justice
  2. Bushtail Washington – dissenting
  3. Sonya Squirreltomayor – dissenting
  4. Horace Gray Squirrel – dissenting
  5. Thurgood Marmotail
  6. Oliver Walnut Holmes – dissenting
  7. Sandra Day A’Cornner
  8. Benjamin Rodent Curtis
  9. John Nutledge


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