NaNoWriMo Writing Journal 2018

Witches at the White House

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34th week after NaNoWriMo – July 25, 2019:

HUZZAH!!!!!! I have finished the rough, ugly, probably unreadable FIRST DRAFT of WITCHES AT THE WHITE HOUSE! sabrina the teenage witch and aunts

I feel like I have found some light at the end of this long tunnel. I started this back in November for NaNoWriMo. While keeping up with the weekly cat adventures and starting part-time work outside the home, I finally managed to get to this ending in less a year.

There were times I felt like this story would not end. I never wanted to abandon it. I did want it completed. There were just so many times when I felt stuck, completely unable to sort out the action. The hardest part was the climax. It took over a month just for that part.


I even talked to a writer friend who gave solid advice about writing out every single beat of action and where the characters are — but then my characters and the scene did other things. It was still what I wanted it to be, but in a different way.


Hopefully I can let this stew for a few weeks while I work on a short story to submit for an anthology. With luck, that will be accepted, but I have to get my ass in gear for that. I won’t have to switch genres though since all the submissions have to be in the urban legend theme and that’s right on par with the cat stories.

Anyway, I haven’t showered. I smell like bug spray. And I have to leave to go teach yoga.

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