NaNoWriMo Writing Journal 2018

Witches at the White House

2nd week after NaNoWriMo:

I’ve spent the week writing a couple more cat adventure posts. Plus, on Tuesday after aerial yoga, exhaustion hit HARD. I was completely useless the rest of the day and got nothing done at all. I rested.

Then on Wednesday, I felt so much better! I wrote another case file but still hadn’t worked on WATWH. I didn’t feel too bad about that because I got some desperately needed other stuff done like planning Thursday’s yoga class and cleaning up this place which had begun to look like cable television hosts would come storming in with a film crew. 

Finally on Thursday morning, I typed up some more yoga related work and then got to working on WATWH. I ended at exactly 1,000 words at exactly 11:00am. It was weird. Reached 58k.

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