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AMBER LOVE 02-MAR-2017 It’s vital to support indie authors who don’t get six-figure advances or even five-figure advances. There are plenty of us going the grassroots way and asking fans to get to know our work and send us what they can. I do this at and by reminding folks to buy my books. I understand people are boycotting Amazon because of Breitbart advertising. You should be able to get the printed versions of my books at B&N website, but obviously not the Kindle versions: (Thirteen Lessons, Cardiac Arrest, Full Body Manslaughter)

Leverage Parker and Hardison

My understanding of World Book Day is that people cosplay as their favorite fictional characters, authors, or get even more creative and interpret a book’s theme. Apparently, in the US, we call it “Read Across America Day” because we have to stamp our own brand on everything. I’m sure it’s easy to see characters that have also had big visual presences like Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, comic book superheroes, and basically anything Disney reimagined from classic tales.It reminds me of the LEVERAGE episode (yes, this again), “Ten Li’l Gifters” where they were stuck on a remote island mansion with no phone service in a storm. The team was at a Murder Mystery Party held by an eccentric millionaire. All of them were dressed up as wonderful characters like Parker as Nancy Drew and Hardison as a Hardy Boy. But don’t forget, the two-hour premiere of MURDER, SHE WROTE featured J.B. Fletcher invited to her new publisher’s lavish estate in the country north of New York City and he didn’t warn her that there would be a masquerade where everyone had to dress as a favorite fictional character. Then Sherlock Holmes was found floating in the pool!

Harry Potter horse cosplay

I scrolled through the #WorldBookDay tweets and within 30 seconds saw three girls of different ages dressed as Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, also one of my favorites. You should see plenty of Alice in Wonderland characters too.

Amber Love spectraspecs

I’ve been thinking, who would I dress as? Most of the novel characters I read aren’t fantasy or period pieces. I think the only recognizable characters I’ve read would be someone from Harry Potter (McGonagall, Trelawney, Luna Lovegood or Mrs. Weasley) or Nancy Drew. I don’t see how any of the others would really have a distinct look. Below in the carousel are some suggestions including real people who have had incredible lives and thus have had biographies written about them; the coolest series is Ordinary People Change the World by Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos.

Book Recommendations (Fiction & Biographies):

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