**~**RATED PG-13 for sexual innuendo**~**

[flowplayer src=’’%5D Behind the scenes footage: Dave Wachter Photographer: John Hudson Creators: Dave Wachter & James Andrew Clark Art: Dave Wachter Music from In honor of the well-deserved Eisner Nomination for Best Digital Comic, I created some cowgirl themed high resolution images that would work well for wallpapers.

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6 Comments on Video & Photos: Guns of Shadow Valley PG-13

  1. Outstanding set. You look incredible and very sexy in chaps and little else.

  2. do we have a pool yet on which page will get the most hits here amber?

  3. I like how in the nude you have a sort of indifferent look on your face, just staring down…sort of a lonliness vibe to it.

    • That’s basically what I was channeling. I generally don’t like when I don’t smile but the pics John took are so much more than “me;” He’s great with tones and textures.

      • I’m pretty good at sensing the mood of a photo…its all I rally know about “art”.

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