16-SEP-2011 As each piece comes in, Stacy Korn updates a gallery on facebook showcasing the sketches that will up for auction in October to raise money for S.A.F.E in Hunterdon, our local domestic violence resource. OCTOBER 29-30.

We’ve got a twitter feed now @ComicFusion!

Bidding instructions will be announced closer to the event but be assured that you can email your proxy to the store if you can’t make it there in person. We encourage as many people as possible to stop by the store and see the pieces with your own eyes. We aren’t using super scanning equipment that does justice to the pencils, inks and colors.

I’m continuously recruiting costumers to join us for the weekend or just one day if you can make it. Sign up at the facebook event.


Saturday Oct 29:

  • * NEIL VOKES of Flesh and Blood
  • * CHARLES WILSON III of The Stuff of Legend

Sunday Oct 30:

  • * KEN HAESER of The Living Corpse
  • * CHRIS FLICK of Capes and Babes
  • * JK WOODWARD of Fallen Angel, Everlast
  • * JAMAL IGLE of DC Comics

There is a lot behind the stores accessible from Main Street and also Bloomfield Ave. There’s usually plenty of street parking. Most spaces are 2- or 3-hour spots.



The items in the past that have fetched the largest bids have been colored mixed media on bristol board 11 x 17. We’ll accept inked and penciled sketches, prints, signed books and original comic book pages. We prefer the subject matter is suitable for all ages, non-violent (weapons-free) and not inappropriately gratuitous. In other words, not everyone’s idea of female empowerment is T&A with costumes having thongs up the butt.

Please include: your name, mailing address, email, website and a scan of the donation if possible because we don’t have a good scanner and need a .jpg to add to all the galleries.



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