Two brand new sets at Cosplay Deviants launched which will knock your socks off.  From the pages of X-Men and Hellsing, get ready to see your favorite characters in a new way.
UNTOUCHABLE is a stunning set starring model Ryoko. Ryoko is young and fresh but experienced as a model. She loves zombies, Dungeons & Dragons and roleplay. Her character portrayal of Rogue from X-Men: Evolution is fantastic. Rogue is very close to my heart as well, just like so many of the ladies that love to cosplay as her. She’s a complicated character and Ryoko’s set really brings that out. Rogue, the one who can never truly be physically loved has to take care of herself (until they screwed her up with a tertiary power allowing her to be touched, stupid Marvel; ok that’s when I dropped X-Men Legacy from my pulls so maybe they “fixed” her and gave her back her weakness).

BLOODLUST is an interesting night photoshoot starring one of my favorite models and a dear internet friend, Aeryn. Aeryn has that old Hollywood appeal of vivacious natural curves and a killer twinkle in her eyes when she looks at the camera. She brings Seras Victoria to life from Hellsing. Just how these girls get outdoor shots in public without getting caught is a mystery to me. My luck, I’d be arrested! You’ll also want to see all of Aeryn’s modeling endeavors for GodsGirls and at her own site Naughty Nerdy.

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