Amber Love 20-JUNE-2012 This outfit is based on the character TRIPLICATE GIRL from the animated series THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES which began on the WB/CW network in 2006. The character is sweet and charming and during her character evolution, she goes through a huge defining change. Her ability had been that she could appear as one person or split apart into three. After a devastating loss of one of her identities, she is left with only two and changes to Duo Damsel.

Unfortunately, she was like a C-list characters of massive league of B-listers. That’s actually what makes LoSH a fantastic resource for choosing costumes that no one else is likely to wear. Sometimes that’s part of the decision for a costumer or cosplayer in what to wear to an event. Places like Dragon*Con have specifically scheduled photoshoots with role call style casting for team shoots like Alpha Flight, Avengers, Golden Age JSA, etc. If you venture into the LoSH, you’ll find tons of male, female and shapeshifting characters from which to choose. TRIPLICATE GIRL has the added benefit of having several lovely costume choices in her wardrobe from the comics and from different animations. The mod 60s style miniskirt, belly shirt, bob hair and white boots was something I found appropriately cute for this character without having her gratuitously sexual. It’s a clearly feminine look yet not skanky.

As part of the Summer Scrap Sewing Challenge, TRIPLICATE GIRL was the sixth costume I was able to create using only the fabric from my bins. I’ve had to restock notions like zippers and thread but I have not purchased new fabric or interfacing.


I had the privilege of getting Diana to model for a weekend and she’s seen here as TRIPLICATE GIRL in photos taken by our contributor Ashley. The costume is for sale on Etsy.

The LoSH logo pieces
Add quilter's double sided tape to the interfacing and vinyl.
Assemble pieces except for "comet"
Zig-zag stitch around outer edge and the "L" then trim the outer edge of black.
Smaller than normal clothes pins are found in the craft store. Glue one to the back of the logo and then it can easily be clipped to the top of the skirt or to a belt.
Figure out the color blocking and which ways to cut out the right side and left side of the front and the back panels for the shirt and the skirt.
Use first side of color as the pattern piece for the second color, just remember to flip over.
Shirt pieces cut out. The white is stretch PVC. The purple and orange are milliskin spandex.
Skirt pieces cut.
Stitch the pieces to the white center blocks. The skirt gets a fairly simple bottom hem and the waistline gets an elastic.
The triangle designs on the chest are made from milliskin spandex and appliqued with zig-zag stitching to have texture changes for the monochrome white-on-white. In some versions, these are cut out windows.
Top stitch around arm holes.
Most of the back center was left open for zipper installation. First install collar at front edge. The collar gets folded over during zipper installation.
After the collar and zipper are completed, the shirt was put on a dress form to gauge where the bottom hem should be.
A look at the back.
COMPLETED June 14, 2012

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