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I first heard about the campaign for #TheIdesOfTrump from a tweet by another writer, Erica Schultz. I didn’t know how I could participate because basically I don’t spend any money I don’t absolutely have to. Then I remembered I had a gift card from the holidays that still had a balance on it. I went to CafePress and found “Nasty Women Vote” postcards in a set of eight; then knowing my little post office probably doesn’t have a big selection, I went online to to order a sheet of Wonder Woman stamps. Postcards don’t cost $.49 but there was no way I was going to use something other than Wonder Woman for these. The key is to address them to “The President (for now)” which I thought was genius.

Nasty Women Vote postcards and Wonder Woman stamps

I didn’t know what to write on them so I utilized seven quotes that I gathered for using in Black History Month or Women’s History Month. I hope that they aren’t stupid enough to think the quoted authors (some of whom are deceased) are the senders. Only one of the postcards doesn’t have a famous quote. I simply put in big Sharpie, “You lost by 3 million votes.” I rounded up. Good enough for government work.

I also wanted to put the hashtag on them and accidentally left off “the” before “idesoftrump” but as long as I use it correctly in social media posts, the postcards will get counted. I wanted to use other important hashtags too. Each postcard has the campaign hashtag #idesoftrump (minus “the”) and then a second hashtag:

  • #EverydaySexism
  • #MasculinitySoFragile
  • #BindersFullofWomen
  • #LockHimUp
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • #SaveACA
  • #StandWithPP
  • #RespectWomen

There are a few other great ones too that I didn’t use:

  • #Resist
  • #YesAllWomen
  • #PussyGrabsBack
  • #NastyWoman
  • #ShePersisted
Nasty Women Vote postcards and Wonder Woman stamps
Set 1


Nasty Women Vote postcards and Wonder Woman stamps
Set 2

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