28-MAY-2011 There’s been a substantial wait for the next series of THE LIVING CORPSE comics to hit shelves. When the creative team left Zenescope for greener pastures, they landed with Dynamite Entertainment (GREEN HORNET, THE LONE RANGER, ZORRO). The waiting will finally be over in August with CORPSE: EXHUMED, a six-part miniseries.

Ken Haeser

KEN HAESER’S tenacity with keeping the title in the public’s mind is something a lot of creators are not able to do successfully. When there’s a gap, there’s a huge risk of the fanbase losing interest in your characters and essentially you, the creator. Ken and Buz Hasson have done what they can appearing at different size conventions and comic shop signings.

The first issue of CORPSE:EXHUMED will ship in August. It contains 32 pages of horror comedy with everyone’s favorite corpse, Romero.

THE LIVING CORPSE rises from the grave in an all new 6 issue mini-series!
It’s hard enough to be The Living Corpse – the flies, the hunger for human brains and the unending task of holding off the hordes of darkness from creeping into the world of the living. But when a Nosferatu suddenly moves into his graveyard, all hell breaks loose! And what will happen when The Living Corpse’s friend, Lilith, get’s caught in the middle? It’s a battle of the undead and only one will be left standing! (here’s a hint… the name of the book ain’t Nosferatu!)

There are periodic announcements about THE LIVING CORPSE animated feature at Ken’s facebook page. There was a feature about it in FANGORIA issue 304.

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