As I said in my Baltimore Comic Con Recap, I owe a lot to Jay Fife. Not only did his art provide me with lots of enjoyment as his fan, but Jay has become a very dear friend who almost single-handedly got me through this summer.

At Baltimore, Jay gave me my birthday present which is too amazing for words. He made a great picture of me from our modeling session. Refer back to my previous post about how much fun my modeling with Jay was. I’m no Acid Poptart, but I love every chance to model and work for Jay at his booth. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again.

Jay took one of the pics and was create a realistic black and white illustration. I still don’t know how artists do what others can only accomplish with technology. It’s a great mystery to me. You can follow Jay on twitter but he’s pretty quiet there, @jayefife. Maybe if I get him more followers, he’ll speak up more often. Most of all, please support his new project, MARY MONSTER, a comic about a nine foot tall demon babe; and you never know, you may see me in there sometime.

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