19-JAN-2012 Comic book creator Jim Rugg is about to present his latest idea for a project that needs funding. To do this, he’s making a presentation at a venue called the Brew House in Pittsburgh for an event they host as part of the SUNDAY SOUP network.

I love Rugg’s work and wanted to know more. I quickly learned that SUNDAY SOUP is a unique approach to crowdfunding creative projects where people of like mind come together for an affordable meal.

All the income from that meal is given as a grant to support a creative project. Grant applications are accepted up until the meal, everyone who purchases the meal gets one vote to determine who receives the grant. ~sundaysoup.org

The blog at SOUP N’AT gives the details about submitting your application for a grant. You submit your proposal and imagery then wait for confirmation. Once accepted, you invite your friends and everyone you know to the event to see your live presentation. Then the diners vote with their ballots. Plus, if you don’t win, the Soup network encourages you to submit your proposal again.