Stop posting my photos on Tumblr!

No one is above piracy. Stop being greedy assholes about it.

AMBER LOVE 29-NOV-2014 The subject of tumblr is a HUGE sore spot for me. I fucking HATE tumblr. Why? Because people retumble shit they have no ownership to and usually without source citation and certainly never ever with care about what they are doing by releasing things into the wild.

Now here’s the deal with my and my site:

I’ve been nothing but generous with the content. I have the photo galleries which range from G-rated Cosplay pictures to XXX. The adult themed galleries will go through periods of locking and unlocking at my discretion. For October, I unlocked the vampire XXX galleries because it was theme. For November, I had two other unlocked and relocked the vampire ones.

Yet, people aren’t saving the pictures to their drives for their own use. They are posting them when they all over tumblr when I want them locked.

I’ll say it again, I fucking HATE tumblr. I don’t want my XXX photos there or I would have put them there myself. They get locked and unlocked for reasons, assholes.


I’ve never had any problem with people downloading the pictures. I don’t have any bullshit blocks on the pictures to disable right-click like other sites do. I could have. But I didn’t!

The day before Thanksgiving, I took another set of topless photos. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know whether or not I should post them. They made me feel good because they came out so much better than the last time I tried getting winter photos which were unusable. So because I felt good, I put them up. Then I wake up today to find my locked photos from locked galleries on tumblr. I found them because the link on tumblr directed back to my site and I see the incoming links when they are clicked. Instead of someone posting a LINK to my site with any commentary… nope, just a close up of my vag!

That is not why I do what I do. If you can’t respect the rules of how I share my content, then go away and don’t come back and find your jollies somewhere else on tumblr.

Picture 98

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2 Comments on Stop posting my photos on Tumblr!

  1. Ok, disclaimer, I don’t use tumblr. So I lack the context, thus the question.

    Is it possible people just don’t “get” that what they’re doing bypasses things and doesn’t link stuff like their Facebook links do? Like they think they’re being complimentary and helpful?

    • Oh I have no doubt someone would fail to understand how it works. Tumblr is awful. So what happens — if you ever hit F12, you see the code of a page — is that someone posting a link to one of my pictures probably doesn’t care that they are creating a copy of that image in the process. HOWEVER, this is my site and I have galleries that I lock from view for periods of time. If someone wants to post a cosplay picture, that’s fine! I’m talking about some asshole on tumblr whose “About” info states he’s 18 years old and just wants to collect “public domain” images. None of the images are public domain. That’s a legal term and does not apply. I own my images and in some cases, the photographers own them but lately I’ve been shooting my own with a self timer. This particular asshole thinks his little About page disclaimer is good enough and he needs to be told that it is not. My locked pictures are private. And now, ALL those galleries have been DELETED.

      ALL. OF. THEM.

      No more XXX galleries from me because people are assholes.

      (but his post of my vagina is still out there on tumblr!)

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