I felt like I was half in a coma walking around in high heels because I have been so sick. I just wore a “street” version of Rogue basically – threw on the belt, jacket and gloves and my steampunk goggles. It was pretty fun now because a lot of the artists have gotten to know me because of my shows and Comic Geek Speak so they talk easily to me now. Usually the non-famous guys do anyway but to me they’re behind a table so they’re more famous than I am.

I had scripted out questions for 4 artists + John Schneider. When I saw him down the aisle posing against the General Lee, I figured I’d bail and not ask him. I was too nervous. We walked towards the area because Dave was in love with the car anyway. I knelt down to take a picture and John came over to me, like practically ran. For some reason he just found “my look” captivating. He kept saying how much he liked my look. I asked him if I could get an interview for 5 minutes. He looked over at his handlers, saw his line and said yes! We talked for 10 minutes. I asked about his career, his charity that he started with Marie Osmond – and then if he knew how they were doing because her son committed suicide on Friday night. He said it was a real pleasure being interviewed by someone who knew what they were talking about! Yeah, I was a sweaty lovestruck mess. I gave him my card and said I’d have the interview up in about a week so I hope I can get it done by then. He’s got a song on YouTube somewhere so I’ll find it and link them together that way his viewers will find my interview. He’s so good looking! He’s like Robert Redford level good looking. I told Dave he has to figure out how to add animated hearts shooting out my eyes like in Japanese cartoons. If Dave’s arm hadn’t been getting tired holding the camera, I would have kept talking.

The 501st was out in full force and they were incredible as always. Nearby was the Lake Eerie Pirates who are a good looking bunch of rogues that travel far to be in the ‘burgh. Seeing Captain Jack and his dad on seqways was hysterical. Near the end, I discovered the biggest display of Barbie dolls I have ever seen outside of a Toys R Us. It was pretty awesome but they were missing the superhero Barbies. I shall have to dig out the business card of the only quilter I’ve ever seen at a comic con — she makes Star Trek quilts! Come on! She uses metallic thread to make the cast look like the transporting waves. She wasn’t getting any business for the looks of things but her fiber arts should be sought after by loved ones in need of geeky gifts. Her name is Elliot Mcnally. Look for her!

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