I have been asked to appear at the Toonseum in the middle of the cultural district of Pittsburgh tomorrow for the parade. I’ll be handing out flyers to remind citizens to vote for our idea at the Pepsi challenge, to make “Be a Superhero Day” a reality. The point of Superhero Day is to create a real sense of community through service and volunteer efforts. As a group, we’ll be showing children that they can make a difference in their own families and communities; and of course, we hope to remind the adults as well. To help with the celebration, the Toonseum will have a special exhibit focusing on superheroes.

We’ll be trying to spread the word about being an everyday hero with the local schools, non-profit organizations and convention organizers.

I’m trying to figure out what to wear now. Rogue seems to be the only outfit I have with any green in for St. Patrick’s Day.

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